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Did you participate in the double rewards program on education loans? Check your reward here.
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    Education loans double reward program - confirm your earnings

    The Webmasters had offered a double reward for articles submitted on the topic of education loans. Many thanks to the four members who participated in this program and submitted invaluable articles. We request them to confirm the amount mentioned below & we will then credit it to your account.

    1. Partha: Rs.295/- for 11 articles

    2. Juana: Rs.865/- for 18 articles

    3. Geekay: Rs.20/- for one article

    4. Anosua: Rs.30/- for one article
  • #596574
    I just realised that I did not post the link to one of my articles written for this reward programme, in the announcement thread. Request that it may be considered for the same -

    Questions and solutions to education loan application issues to help Indian students

    Underestimate me...that'll be fun!

  • #596575
    I confirm that I submitted 11 articles for which I have been awarded 295 points and Rs, 295/- as cash credit.
    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

  • #596607

    Your article has been added to the list and the amount updated in the text above.

    Since this is not a contest, if anybody else missed out on listing their article(s) in the main announcement thread, they can mention it in a response in this thread & we will credit the amount. The articles, though, should have been submitted within the closing date.

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

  • #596610

    Thank you.

    There appears to have been a miscalculation of cc in the first announcement. My total adds up to Rs. 790, instead of Rs.800 that was displayed against my name. Please check.

    Accordingly, the amount of double bonus should be Rs.865. However, please do check again, because I tallied the cc manually, I might have made a mistake.

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  • #596611

    I will check each article's cc individually again and let you know.

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

  • #596616

    I re-checked and Rs.875/- is correct as per my calculation. However, just to re-clarify, I have requested two other editors to independently verify it as well. Once they confirm, will let you know tomorrow.

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

  • #596659
    Vandana Madam, I confirm the credit as announced by you for my one article on the given subject. At the same time I got a doubt that the title itself double reward program and the announced value is of including the double value?

  • #596734

    It has been confirmed the final total is Rs.865/-. For one article I had erroneously put more cc than what was given.

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  • #596735

    The word 'double' for this program means that whatever cc you got for that article will additionally be credited to your account. So since you got 20 cc for your article, you will get an additional 20cc, which means you have got a total of 40cc. Thus, effectively, you have got 'double' for the article.

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  • #596759
    Thank you very much for your clarification Madam. So far 20 cc only credited to my account. Hope I will get the remaining cc.

  • #596760
    Thank You Mam,
    I got my points for the article. But double payment is not received.

  • #596774

    Refer #596734. This is such a relief, believe me. I was beginning to doubt my abilities. The amount is correct now. Thanks.

    Underestimate me...that'll be fun!

  • #596794
    Madam, I confirm now the double reward also i.e. another 20 cc and 8 points against this contest.

  • #597010
    Congratulation to everyone who participated and contributed their valuable points.
    Its really amazing platform.
    Newcomers must be informed about the same as they don't have clear info about any such activity happening.
    If possible they must be remind at email .

  • #597046

    Members are expected to keep a daily check on the forum to watch out for announcements of such programs. All such reward programs & contests as well as awards & prizes are pinned with a red pin and thus appear at the top of the forum. It is not possible to send email alerts on every new announcement to the members, since there are lakhs of members.

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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