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    AdSense earnings stuck at $97. What should I do?

    My AdSense account which is hosted by ISC has been a slow earner. Recently, I was nearing towards the first minimum threshhold therein. Apart from ISC, I have been using the same account on some of my old blogs. And I have not even done any changes anywhere in recent days.

    But as I am observing, the amount is not updating. It has stuck at $97 from a week.

    What is confusing to me is that it has been making 0.20 to 0.40 USD everyday, according to which, my earnings should have crossed $100, which is not happening.

    Also, on AdSense Android app, the earning is properly updating everyday... And it is already showing near $106 for the same account.

    What could be wrong? What should I do?

    Experts are requested to please guide me on this.
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    Not sure what is wrong but I would suggest you wait until the end of the month. If the Android app is showing you updated earnings then a payment should also get triggered once the month ends. That should also fresh your total earnings in Web view of AdSense.

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    Ank Ayra,
    I think you should have checked total earnings (combining several months). The earnings shown in web view ($97 in your case) is the accurate and final eanings. The adsense app does not count INVALID earnings if any. The cut down of invalid earnings generally happens at the end of the every month for all adsense holders. This reduction would have been done for you too in previous several months. But app is not updated with this reduction. So you see such difference ($9 in your case) as of now. In my account, I can see $50 less in web view for total earnings. Hence I request you to keep waiting for few more days to see your $100.


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    Thank you @Ankit and @Jebaprincy for your good words.

    I will wait for few more days and will update you guys if a change occurs.

    Update: My balance was successfully updated by 2nd of May, a few minutes before 12 PM.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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