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    Time for Rectification: Why does not my articles attract enough traffic?

    Hi fellow members,

    As a part of my little contribution to the ocean of ISC, I had contributed a few articles on ISC. However, they don't attract enough traffic or visitors.

    So, here I am, with a request from all the experienced members to review my old articles and find what is wrong in them and how can I improve things in terms of writing and SEO. They are quite old articles and my writing has improved since then, but I think I can benefit from learning the mistakes I did in my old articles.

    Here is the link to all the articles,

    What I an requesting you to do is to please go through one or all of these resources and review and suggest points that I should remember while writing more articles in future.

    If ISC is a family, I am seeking guidance from the knowledgeable members, editors and whoever can give a good piece of advice. I will not mind criticism and improvement is what I am more concerned about.
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    I just checked your articles and here is what I noticed -

    A number of your articles are over a year old. The AdSense on ISC is valid for only a year. Your articles might be receiving traffic and clicks, but the same will not be shared with you, because of the one year clause.

    You can remedy this by 'republishing' your articles. Once you do that your articles automatically become valid for the Adsense, for a limited period, after which you will have to republish them once again.

    You will have to send a request for republishing your articles. While you are it, brush up the text, to make it more relevant.

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    Without going to the details of your articles, what I generally feel that every article has to be upgraded and more inclusion be made if it is not attracting the desired traffic. Luckily ISC has given the rights to the author to improve the articles with further updates and make it more attractive so that it takes the shape of new article and surely the visitors would be improving and hits would be more. I am seeing more improvised articles which were either too stale and that improvement even impressed me to write the reviews. So you visit each and every article and make suitable inclusions and additions of information and then resubmit.
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