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    Law of Diminishing Returns

    Nowadays I have started writing Information Updates in respect of Govt. Polytechnic Colleges of West Bengal. The Govt. Polytechnic Colleges are properly established, have well-defined course structures, good faculty, proper workshops and foundries. Top ranking students of JEXPO takee admission in Govt. Polytechnic Colleges of West Bengal. Every Govt. Polytechnic Colleges of West Bengal has placement cell and every year, at least some students get recruited by various companies through campus placement.

    However, I note that first few Information Updates in respect of these polytechnics got me 15 points and Rs. 15/- cash credit. However, with time, the points credit and cash credit is going downwards. Today, I have received 7 points and Rs. 7/- as cash credit for similar Information Updates.

    Is Law of Diminishing Returns applicable in Information Update section of ISC?
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    Partha how can you compare law of diminishing returns with that of earning potential and points scoring ability in this site. Our ISC is interested in detailed, apt and specific information on information updates and for that the cash credits and points are given. If the first one was given was 15 cc and 15 points, that could have been wonderfully shared information which might have even got hits from the information seekers. And the same information provided by you in subsequent submissions might have been lacking some added updates and thus less cc and points.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan: Let me tell you how I develop Information Updates. First I prepare sub-paras/points and then I fill the information. So, all Information Updates (of mine) on Districts will be similar. All Information Updates on Colleges will be similar. So, for similar Updates, three days ago I received 15 points and today I have received 7 points. Isn't it astonishing?
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    Yes now your reply seems to be genuine and needs to be addressed by the editor concerned. This is what I expected reply from you.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Well Partha, we have taken note of your grievance and we will come back to you later after going through all your recent posts on college updates. Bear till then.
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    You have given the reason yourself in #596640 when you stated that your updates will be similar. That is exactly what we do not want. I suggest you have a look at yourself by opening each update that you have posted in different tabs and see how the exact same sentences sometimes appear in each of those updates. You must vary the text in the various updates and not post the exact same type of content. Secondly, it should not look like a group of statements which are generalized in the sense that it can apply to just about any institute. Be more specific about facilities, for example. You have been advised to provide variations & you have not heeded this instruction. Hence you have been credited with fewer cc than your initial posts.

    Further, note a few things:
    1. We do not want a list of courses in an update. Courses must be added via the 'add course' link provided at the college page.
    2. It does not make sense to give information such as a contact number if it is already provided on the parent page. Check first what is missing or erroneous and give only that info in the update.

    I suggest you make the requisite changes in updates which are still in new submissions otherwise the editor will shift them to pending status.

    If you need any further clarifications, then let us know. We will give further guidelines.

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