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    Why people throw stones only on the tree having fruits.

    When I was in my high school, I used to walk and go to my school. On the way if it happened to see a tree with fruits, I used to throw stones on that and get that fruit. But I never thought anything except how to get that fruit.

    When I was carrying my research work for Ph.D., we were three scholars working with my guide.
    My guide was a gem of a character and helping many. Whenever he had a work in library or somewhere else he used to call me and entrust that work. I was attending to that work. One Day I was thinking why the teacher is assigning works to me only, why not others. Then it struck me why I was throwing stones on tree with fruits only. If no fruits waste of energy to throw stones. Similarly somebody is not responding to your need why to tap them. I thought of asking the same thing to my teacher. I went and put before him my question. To my surprise the answer he has given is people will throw stones only on trees having fruits. Do you agree.
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    Very nice comparison by the author on his personal experience with that of throwing stone at the those tree only having fruits. In this regard I wish to interpret that if you want to achieve a success which is visible, you must attempt to reach there. The stone what you have used is the medium through which you could get the fruit. Mind it all of them throwing stones may not get the fruit because the target hit may not be the right way to fetch the fruit from the trees. Likewise your guide also spotted you as the potential candidate in that group of three and entrusted the works which you have done it with elan.
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    It is useless if one throwing stone on the tree where there is no fruits. There is a saying that the stoning will be only on the fruitful trees which denotes the contacting of able persons will only have effect. If we approach persons who is helpless,for any help, it is mere waste and rather asking them if we approach the giving or helping person our requirement would have reduced to some extent.

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    A good comparison by your boss and you. To be frank, all the fruits don't invite a stone throw. There are very few fruit yielding trees that accept the stone beat to release its fruit. In my childhood, I have thrown stones at Mango tree and tamarind trees only. Can we throw stones to get a jackfruit which is a tasty fruit? Can we throw stone at a coconut tree or palm tree? So, it depends on the easy access to a tree to get the fruit. I think you are like a mango or tamarind tree to your boss.
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    Mr.Sun, you mean his boss would be a jack fruit so that the author could not throw a stone? Anyhow jokes apart, when there is no fruit at all on a tree, there is no question of stone pelting and there will no relation with that tree. But we do develop a relation with fruit yielding trees to get something from it. Though we throw stones, we used to care the tree sometimes out of our selfishness.

    Very nice thread by the author with an apt comparison. In general we also endorse any work to a person who obey us and we get the things done as per requirements.

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    A subordinate cannot throw a stone at a tree yielding fruit (boss) whether big or small. He will have to wait under the tree for the fruit to become ripe and fall. The author need to wait to get the mercy of his boss.

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    A very interesting thread this one indeed. It is human nature or psychology that we want maximum return with minimum effort. I think it fits in this case. Someone has planted a tree, watered it, manured it and carefully brought it up and we are there to get the fruits in our pocket by simply throwing a stone.

    The mentality behind this is basically that of looting and cheating. We want to grab a thing for which we have no right. If we have not produced it then why we should share it ?

    This is an unfortunate thing and it shows how backward we still are in that respect.

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    Your thread remind of a old story of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Once, he was passing through a village with his guards suddenly he got hit by a stone. Guards ran as who is the person, can hit the Maharaja but they found a boy who has hit the stone. Ranjit Singhji ask the boy as why he hit him with stone. The boy was scared enough and slowly said that he was trying to get some fruit from a tree nearby and mistakenly it got you hurt. Ranjit singh ji smiled and gave some coin to the boy and left him. When the guard ask for the reason, Ranjit singh ji said, when a tree can get him fruit by taking the hurt, I should be brave enough to give him much more.

    So, yes in our life too we are like a tree, the more fruits we will have, the more stone we will have to take.

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