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    If you want to interview a person, whom do you prefer. I wish PM Modi.

    In our life we come across of so many people and know many things. Like wise we give advise and proposals to many to improve their lives and surge on. But we also have an urge to interview some one who is very close to our heart. In this regard I wish to interview our Prime Minister Narender Modi. The topic wont be on definite subject. Based on his interaction and giving feeds, I shall expand my questions and seek more intriguing answers from him. Who would you like to interview if given chance once in life ?
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    I would like to interview Mrs Sushma Swarjaj.Mrs Sushma Swaraj is very close to my heart.She believes in Indian Culure.She posses a high character.She never makes cheap remarks on others.She always looks happy and cheerful.When she starts to speak,every one attracts with her speech.She is a lady of high morals and value.I want to meet her.When I will meet her,I will ask questions such as Who is your role model? Who is your guru?What is the secret of your smile?
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    I would definitely like to interview Mr. Rahul Gandhi. I am sure that his replies to my questions will be a source of pure entertainment for all Indians.
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    In current scenario, Sonu Nigam would be my right choice for the interview. No doubt, he is the best singers in this generation and I am one of his great fan. It would be interesting to have chit-chat with him. The controversy in which he is in would be the hot point to talk about. How he is managing in his current life? How people are behaving with him? How he is reacting to the questions thrown out at him? And above all, why he is in such controversy? Is there any doubt that my interview would not be hit? This is called marketing and making news for the hot subject.

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    #596700 well said mam, Sushma Swaraj ji is one real image of "Bharatiya Nari" I have ever seen in Indian Politics. She is one true reflection of our Indian culture in the political sphere of the country. Sonia Gandhi is not even comparable to her.

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    Given a choice I will also prefer to interview the great people of our era including of course Mr. Modi our PM and others who have influenced us much.

    To name a few I start with Baba Ramdeo who has influenced the people all over the world and re-established Yoga on international platform.

    Then comes Abhitabh Bachchan who has established his presence in cine-industry in an unforgettable way.

    Ratan Tata is also there who has redefined the business environment by including social causes and place for innovative entrepreneurship.

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    I would like to interview theBharat Ratna Mr. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, who is my ideal. His way of handling the situation is what I am fan of. One example I remember: When our former president Mrs. Pratibha Patil proposed him to accept the Rajyasabha seat in parliament, he was in dilemma to accept the offer or not because his fans wanted him to not go into politics. He took his time and accepted the offer saying , he would not go into the politics. Thus he did not tread on anybody's toes. As a civilian you cannot decline directly the offer given by the president.
    I would like to discuss the way of living life with him.

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    Mr. Raheja: Today is Sachin Tendulkar's birthday. I am availing this opportunity to wish him on his birthday.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    I like to have a chat with Mr. Venkiah Naidu, our Central minister and an important person in the party. I have been seeing him since i was in B.Sc, Ist year. We had a separate Andhra movement at that time. Mr. Naidu was leading from the front. He was a student of Andhra University Law College. He was travelling all over the state and giving excellent speeches. He is a very good orator. Everybody might have heard him. But finally we were unsuccessful in that moment. Later he has become an important leader. He used to translate the speeches of Mr. Atal whenever he was giving a speech in the combined Andhra Pradesh.

    Mr. Naidu tried his best in Parliament to get maximum possible benefits to Andhra Pradesh during passing the bifurcation bill of AP. At his instance only Mr. Manmohan Singh, the then PM announced 5 years special Status to residuary AP.

    But after BJP has come to power, he is not able get Special Status to AP. No doubt he is helping Mr.Chandrababu Naidu in getting Aid and other benefits from central government, but he failed in certain things.

    In my interview with him I want to ask him about, Why he has asked about special status to AP when it is not feasible ? What is the position of Vizag railway Zone? How he is going to help AP for iots development.

    always confident

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    #596727 it was yesterday 24th April, the birthday of master blaster .

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    Interviewing a celebrity may inspire you a lot. But interviewing a common man will help you to understand the real life and the difficulties the society is facing. I had an experience of talking to a land owner of coffee plantation at Kausani in Almora District of Uttarakhand as a part of my field study during my training at ISTM, New Delhi. For outside world, they are landlords but when it comes to the ground level, their difficulties were many. He shared his views and revealed the real life in the hilly terrain and I felt that it could be the best interview that I ever had.

    Any way, given a chance to interview someone, my preference would be going to my favourite cricketer Sunil Gavaskar.


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    Each and every soldier of India and the families of martyrs of India. They are the true leaders and the families are the proudest.
    Carpe Diem

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    This is good topic discussed by Author.
    I would also like to interview our PM Sir.
    I have long list to discuss with Supremo leader of Politics.
    Main focus point will be on Namami Gange Project, Swatchh Bharat Mission and health and employment.
    PM sir announcing so many project but most of them are working like bouncers.
    I have always Seen and feel that its very easy to start any thing but to get the result and maintain the same tempo throughout the tenure is very difficult.
    At present seriously no work is really happening in the name of Namami Gange while holy river ganga and its sister rivers are originated from Uttrakhand itself.
    If govt is not serious at these places what will be the condition of other place.
    I would like to ask our PM when someone will seriously understand this need and take real innovative action on root.

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    Given a chance, I would like to interview Ms. Sasikala Natarajan, the General Secretary of AIADMK who is now counting the bars of the jail in Karnataka. The core of the interview would be as to how she managed to keep Ms. JJ for 75 good days in Apollo Hospital without permitting any visitors including the Governor of TN and other central and state ministers. A brave and bold lady fit to be interviewed.
    No life without Sun

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    Sun your choice of candidate is creative and yet more interesting with the current situation of politics in TN. Go ahead with your mission.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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