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    Panic inside the lift. You are alone and the lift goes out of order with no power ?

    Now a days in big cities there are high rise buildings with many floors. Near my house where my sister stays, the apartment has 24 floors and has 4 lifts. All the lifts are automatic and no attendant is provided. Children and the elders use the lift and moving on. Just imagine if the lift goes out of order suddenly duei to power failure and there is no light inside the lift. Will you panic or wait patiently for the emergency team to arrive ? These are to be known for our knowledge and anything can happen to us anytime.
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    Nothing to panic. These days lifts are constructed with advanced technology. There are emergency lights inside the lift with alarm facilities. There are safety devices to come out of the lift during such emergencies. The lift cabin will reach the nearest floor to get the people come out of the lift.
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    Its surprising that a 24 floor building has no lift-man. As you said if such thing happen, one should not be panic at first. Try to use mobile phone to contact near one and say their situation. Try to shout so that one can hear there voice. I am sure the society in that building have taken care of all thinking about emergency situation. In any way panicking is not the best thing to do, it will create more problem to the person then bringing some relief.

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    Here is some more information apart from what has already been provided -

    1. It is mandatory to have lifts connected to backup power (generator)
    2. Licenses of lifts have to be renewed each year, and people from the department concerned check the lifts before renewing the same
    3. Lifts have to be serviced periodically, under new Government guidelines and most housing societies opt for AMC with the OEM
    4. The lifts may not be manned, but maintenance staff will be available 24/7 on the property to handle emergencies

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    I really like the suggestions from Juana. Over to Saket apartment management to implement the same.
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    Not only in apartments, it happens sometimes in central government office building complexes also. These places also sometimes lift boy will not be there. Self Service only. But all the lifts are provided with power backup with generators. If power goes immediately generator will be started and your lift will start. So not necessary to get panic.

    Maintenance of lifts is very important. AMC to OEMs is a correct concept. But they should provide a good service.

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    Now a days lifts are having many facilities as already have been mentioned by the members in their posts.

    In addition to that many lifts are now having intercom facility inside which is very helpful in contacting the concerned person.
    Manual keys to force open the lifts are also available and are very useful in such occasions.

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    There is nothing to panic if the lift goes off suddenly. Sometimes when inside the lift, mobile might not have network coverage and hence we won't be able to make a phone call for any help. But we can use mobile phones for light if the lift is dark.
    Every lift will have an emergency button or an alarm button. Pressing that is enough to get the help. Lifts won't be ventilated, but there will be a fan facility so immediately switch on the fan to avoid any suffocation.

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    I had experienced such situations a few times. Of course if it is the first time one is prone to panic. (If it is in your own place, the panic is much less.)
    There will be a button for emergency bell or alarm. Press that and wait patiently. If possible call your neighbour, or society official or watchman from mobile phone. If you feel human movement near lift, raise your voice and intimate that you are caught inside. You may bang at the lift door to invite attention. To avoid suffocation, keep your face towards the ventilation point in the lift. Do not over exert as you may become tired and fatigued. Wait calmly and patiently till help comes. once in To avoid panic and depression hum a song or prayer to yourself which you can hear. Never try to open the lift door, that is more risky.

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