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    Form is temporary but class is permanent.

    We have heard this quote many time in the sports world which says - "Form is temporary but class is permanent". We had seen it happen many times whether it is about Sachin, Dravid or Ganguly, they all fought back from struggling their out of form situation. We know it very well that the class player always come back with Boom. Yet, we never stop commenting negative whenever they are failed in few innings of their game. We start criticising and even go to such level saying he should stop playing game and take retirements!

    It has happened again in the cricket field. The most successful captain of India and a big finisher of the game, when he failed in few innings, people start saying that he is just gone. But master is always master, he roared back in the last IPL game against Hyderabad and showed his class as why he is called a great finisher of the game cracking 61 not out with just 34 balls. We know, he is getting old but as long as he playing, we should wish that he continue playing till next world cup.

    What is about your view on Dhoni?
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    Sorry Jeets. Sports is out of bound for me. I have no comments to offer. I cannot talk about Dhoni, Sachin, Dravid, kholi or any other cricket player. I lost interest in watching cricket from the moment I heard about booking, betting and what not and all about cricket and the malpractices. To me, cricket is an useless sports to appreciate.
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    Every cricketer who were famous in the past in Indian team and who are famous in present Team India has one great quality. That they pursued their own way of playing style are remained the player to recon with. If Gavaskar was famous because he had the guts to carry on the bat even all the players are out on other side. That was his form. Chetan Chauhan who had the guts to score up to 98 would get out with fear before reaching 100. That was his branded class. And when ever Sachin played a good knock, there was not support from other side and thus Team India fumbled many a time. So if you watch each every player, they played for themselves without looking into the requirement of the match or for the prestige of the time. That is the reason being so many players neither were in form or can be put in classic playing mode.
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    My view is clear in this regard. Dhoni is now well past his prime. He has taken enough load during his best days. Moreover, he is a wicket-keeper. So, he has to labour more than the fellow-players on the ground.

    We cannot expect consistent good performance from Dhoni now. We may see only some occasional glimpses of his brilliance.

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    I saw a film on Dhoni. This film impressed me a lot.The struggles of Dhoni student's life.How he faced it.How did luck support him.He was a football player.The sports teacher chose him in the place of regular wicket -keeper.The first cricket match performance was so good ,that he got chance in other match.How did his sister and mother support him in his interest in cricket.There was a good role played by his friends.They helped him a lot .Dhoni is a man of morals ,who is very religious.His life gives a good lesson to young ones ,to work hard for his /her aim.
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    Whatever people say about Dhoni but he is a big ship, will take much more time to sink. And, I am sure, he is wise enough to take retirement whenever he see his end is near in the cricket field.

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    The quote is very apt for situations often seen in cricket when a class player bounces back and shows his tantalizing performance to assure the viewers that nothing is changed there.

    Actually this quote is also suited for situations in many other fields where the top performers come back after their hibernation with new ideas and innovations and the whole world looks to them with praise and accolades.

    In essence the form may change from one performance to other but class is preserved.

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    Even a class first student may be getting low rank in an exam. The reasons may be a lot. But he will regain his rank as soon as possible.A person who is having lot of knowledge may not be able answer your question immediately. You can't assess him only with that one result. Performance to performance may change but his knowledge is in tact. This is what I understand from " Form is temporary but class is permanent". The phrase is first used by a cricket commentator. This will be applicable to all games and all other fields of life. A good driver may also make an accident. We can't say he is a bad driver with one or two instances.
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