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    Don't surprise if our superstar Rajnikant become our next President

    If we believe the current political buzz then the superstar Rajnikant name is being considered as the India's president post. It said that none other but our PM modi is considering his name. As we know that BJP has dropped the name of Advani and Joshi name from the president post so Rajnikant name is projected as this post. However, Rajnikant is silence in this matter and busy in planning to launch a movie which his son-in-law Dhanush is producing.

    So, members what would be reaction to this news. Would you like and welcome if Rajnikant become our President. I am sure many of us would love to see him and liked him as president. What is you views about it?
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    He can be the President of India not because he is a star its all because he is having leadership qualities which is most required to become our president.

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    Is it? Is it a reliable news? Appears to be a different thread but I could not find any political mileage for BJP to take such kind of decision. The news must be a gossip one. Of course, any one is nominated and selected for the post, he will be there for the name sake only. That is the fate and system our country.

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    Unfortunately I don't have much time for these superstar turned politicians. I think Draupai Murmu, the Governor of Jharkhand, is the front-runner for President's post.
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    It is a funny post, I presume. The president of India should not be an actor to act in politics. He is a good human being and is a talented actor. Give him a chance to be an MLA or MP, and then think of making him the President of India. By the time, he will be old enough to sit on the President's chair. I strongly recommend Rajnikanth to be Prime Minister of India, not President of India.
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    If this post appeared on 1st April I would have rubbished it as a fool post. I am really surprised at the thinking level of our Prime Minister Modi to consider the name of Rajnikanth as our next President. He was not having a iota of idea about politics. He does not know the nerve of the people of North and South. Nor he can speak chaste Hindi. What quality he has to adore the seat of President of India.. Surely it is the mockery against the eligible people like Subramanyam Swamy and many more. What I feel that he is regarded most as the film actor and there ends his popularity, he never involved in public service, he never supported cause, he never supported the actors who want justice through film chamber and many people are against him entering the politics and in this back drop how can he be considered for President post. I am totally against.
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    I think in India we have far better people with good credentials to be the President of India. I hope better judgement will prevail in selecting the next President of India.
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    We have lost a good leader who could have adorned the chair of Indian President. She is none other than Ms. J Jayalalitha who was an able administrator with charismatic quality and figure. She had the command and control and effective management of her MPs and MLAs. No one dared to approach her. She was like an uncrowned queen of India. She knew English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. She had effective command over her language. No CM of any state could match this beautiful golden lady of the silver screen.
    Oh India, we lost her before she could reach seventy. Had she been alive, I am sure she would have become the PM or President of India. Alas, the Lord Yama took her away from us in the form of S Kala. What is the use of thinking about the future when we don't have her with us. Ms. JJ never liked Rajnikanth and Vijayakanth the black MGRs of the celluloid.

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    Today I saw a news flash that Sharadh Pawar of NCP in Maharastra has been tipped as the next President of India. Though he is the strong leader and was most respected when he was in Congress, I do not feel he is the right candidate for the post of President. The BJP is playing lot of politics now a days. Prime Minister Modi wants to have his strong presence in Maharastra and by choosing Pawar from there, BJP would gain its lost glory in some bastions. Nevertheless the name of Rajnikath is ruled out and even there are no takers in the film Industry to support this.
    K Mohan
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    It may not be a real issue. If at all PM wants somebody from films to be the President, the name he will be getting to his mind is Mr. Amitab, The Big "B:. He is having experience in politics also. I remember he contested in some elections and won. He is a very good actor. International recognition. More over Hindi based. A smart personality with good smile always on his face. He is a brand ambassador for Swachh Bharat. Definitely PM will opt for Mr.Bachchan than Mr. Rajani.

    In India posts are less but many contestants are there.

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    The president should have a better understanding of Indian constitution, politics, law and Indian societies. He must have served the nation. He should be honest and flawless. He must be well educated and well mannered. Actors should not be made president.
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    I can say one thing. Prime Minister is known to make surprises in his own style and there would surely be a surprise selection for the post of President also. It is certain that the choice would have the support of everyone.

    Rajani, Amitabh or Sharad Pawar - the names are in the air out of speculation. It may not be surprising if you are going to have another woman President also.


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    I don't agree with those who said one need to be political experienced to become the President of India. We had such wonderful and till the best President of India A.P.J Abdul Kalam, he had no experience of politics neither he was related to any political party. Yet, he was the best President we had ever have. Only those people who are a normal living person can work wonder in this highest position. If you give it to any politician, his nature would be the same and he/she will keep thinking politically.

    So, I find no wrong if Rajanikant become the president of India.

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    Daily a new name is floating for the post of President and this time RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat is also considered for the place. Why because RSS wants to tame PM Modi with this post as his every action cannot be supported by RSS and if Mohan Bhagwat is nominated as President he can register dissent on some matters and issues. Moreover PM Narender Modi owes lot to RSS and wants to compensate his love and affection for the organization this way. Let us see what is going to happen.But one thing is sure, we want a strong President to match with the quality of PM Modi.
    K Mohan
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