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    How does the strike, Bandh or Hartal effect the politicians calling for it ?

    How does the strike, bandh or hartal effect the politicians calling for it ? And how does it help or affect the public? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the strike/bandh/hartal? I feel it is useless to call for a strike/bandh/hartal which affects the normal life of the public while the politicians feel proud of calling for a strike for 12 hours from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. What will be the real outcome or result of the strike/bandh/hartal?

    Do you support strike/bandh/hartal? What is your frank opinion?
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    The political parties across the country has time and again exploited their right which is nothing but forceful shut down, strike, Hartal or Bandh. In Tamil we call it Voor Adaipu. That means based on the call given by parties, the shops and establishments would show their solidarity and close the business for the day. In India the ruling party never cares to the blabbering of opposition parties when they raise some issues of public importance. When the government wont mend its ways, the opposition use this tool to make their demand felt. Normally during total shut down, the government looses money as there would be no business, no income and only loss. So the the opposition combine which calls for the bandh is the victory against government attitude. And for the government it is total loss and getting bad name to its reputation and for public it is one more holiday to enjoy.
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    Strike or Bandh is a kind of protest to show by different political parties. Sometimes the reason is valid and sometimes it is just to show the strength or majority. In both ways, the general people who suffer more. Nowadays, Bandh or strike become too less compare to the last few decades. Unless it is some major strike or done by powerful political party, no more it is getting success. People do their normal work as usual. Whatever, the strike or bandh is not good in anyway, it just gives trouble to the general public.

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    Strike or Bandh is generally called by political parties. Here their interest will be more to get their names highlighted than the benefit to public. Generally bandhs and strikes are a national waste. Government may lose but we need not worry. Productivity of that day has gone. A daily wage worker who earns his livelihood on day to day basis has to suffer for his food. An auto driver, a ricksha puller and a taxi owner cum driver will suffer a lot because of loss of a day. Political parties and politicians they enjoy their day as usual. They don't suffer. they may gain or may not.They may get some political advantage.
    The fate of a private employee on that day nobody can explain. He has to reach the office in time. No conveyance. If late company will mark absent.

    I feel by calling a bandh or strike nobody is gaining except some politicians

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    Strike or work stoppage used to be the last resort of workmen when the employers did not grant their genuine grievances. The decision to strike or stop work used to be taken only after many rounds of talks and negotiations between the employee's representatives(trade union) and management . There would also be reconciliation meeting under the auspice of the labour commissioner. It used to take months. Only after not getting any redressal of their grievance did the employees used to strike, because that had the risk of losing wages and even job and lock out of the company or organisation.

    But nowadays, just at drop of a hat Hartals are called. (As courts have prohibited Bandhs, the same is implemented in the name of Hartal). I do not support Hartals, as it affects only the ordinary and needy people. It puts the people and state or nation in difficulties and losses.

    The leaders of the political parties are not at all affected by the hartal. There was once a very widely reported (with photo and video clips) of the leader of a political party in Kerala travelling for his purpose when the party workers were picketing and stopping other people and vehicles from plying. The leader was escorted by the party workers in front and back as pilot cars.

    Even the local leasers do their own business and travel, but stop and even attack others on Hartal days called by their own party. In Kerala a small initiative has come up as 'say no to hartals' who do free service on hartal days by transporting people and fetching food for them.
    Ordinary people never support Hartals, but they do not venture out because of fear of the political party workers and criminals and goondas who exploit the situation and do physical attacks and cause damages.

    The situation in Kerala is that almost every day there is some Hartal in Panchayat level. district level or state level. Even a small political organisation having just five hundred people as membership can call a hartal and claim success.

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