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    I just want to know what should I do now for earning money through this website...

    I just had some doubts about this website... I need a clear description abotu this website.......
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    First thing you should do is, not to post one sentence post. Leave about earning, such small post won't earn you point.

    Coming to your point, why should you have doubt? Can you explain so that we member can put some light on it. Let me tell you, ISC, (India study channel) is a educational site with having so many section where you can earn money. You can post your own written article which can fetch you both cash credit and points, you can answer in Ask Expert section where you can earn from your valuable answer to different question. You can earn money while posting jobs details in Job section. You can post your own taken photograph from which you can earn money. You can contribute in the different contest in this site and earn.

    You have to continue contributing in this site and earn points. Your points tally will take you to different level such as Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum. If your contributions are remarkable, you can be a "star of the week" or "star of the month" which can let you earn money.

    Above all, you need to first go through the guidelines of this site. Spent some time in forum to understand better. Communicate with members through forum. Once you go through all the section and spent some time in forum, you will very well understand about the functioning of this wonderful website.

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    How to earn money from this site ? This is the pertinent question being asked by each new member who joins here. Of course they have the benefit of doubt and we need to clarify. First of all you should have the zeal to write contents. Contents can be on any subject and it must of your own creation. You can write detailed article on any subject with good heading, summary , illustrations, adding images and of course with right content.. And thus submit the same in resources or article section. Once approved you start earning money with right earnest. Do not expect over whelming earning here, but a decent earning for every post is guaranteed and thus your earnings would get accumulated in your account and at the end of the month you will get the payment announcement by 1st of every month if you happen to contribute considerably.
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    Welcome in this site. You have just join the site so I will suggest you to please read the guidelines of the site. You will also find many articles in article section which will guide you about your query. You can make money by sharing your knowledge in different section like forum, ask expert, article, job posting, school reviews, school submission, paper submission, etc. For almost every activity you will get some points and cash credit also. To earn money through different section here please read this thread posted by webmaster.
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