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    Concept of gobalization becoming deglobalization at present?

    Till recent present we are talking about globalization phenomenon and how it is shrinking the World to the aspect of a small village. We thought globalization is making the World into a global village. This happened because of technological advancements, revolutionary improvements in all fields and outflow of knowledge between the countries paved way for this great achievement. It made way for people to move from one part of the World to other part easily to achieve their goals. Elite people of theWorld thought this globalisation helps to bring peace and prosperity to every individual of the World. But once Mr.Trump became the President of USA the scene has changed and almost all well devloped countries like Australia, Newzeland, France including USA are making
    strong restrictions of entry of foreigners in to their countries. This situation makes the movement people, flow of knowledge and wealth between the countries will be severly affected and this is a situation which is againt globalization concept. In course of time countries may keep a ban on outflow of knowledge from one country to another. With this selfish motives of the countries deglobalization is a sure trend we are going to face from now onwards. What is your say folks?
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    Deglobalization is the trend of the day. This is started with Mr. Trump of USA and spreading to other countries also. Their attitude restrict foreign people to come and settle in their countries. This may affect the countries from where people are flowing to those countries.

    I think it is in a way good for India. Many intellectuals from our country going out and settling there and making money. At the same time their contributions are very important for the organisation to develop. So our people are not at the mercy of them. We have lot of youth whom can be employed and wonders can be done. So the other country people will start coming to India. They will start their their organisations here. Many Indians can get employment and India will get money in the form of taxes.

    Government has to take advantage of this situation. Invite all Indian intellectuals staying abroad and create infrastructure to start their own activity here. Them Make in India will be successful and nobody need go out of country for survival

    always confident

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    Yes what the author said is right. Post new president Trump taken over in US and implementing his poll promises one after other, developing countries across world have started introspecting as why should not they nurture their own think tank and get globally competed on many issues. In India too PM Modi has started digital India initiative and Make in India is part of that direction. We have intelligent people who are giving advises to other countries on issues and matters, and it is better the same talent is channeled in the country itself. And within few years from now India is poised to grow enormously even over taking US.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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