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    Chemical Farming: What will be the future?

    Today we see that almost all farmers are using pesticides, urea etc. in their farms. I read in the newspaper today that China has brought down the mangoes in the market which is ripped by ethylene ripener that only takes 15 hours for riping the mangoes and according to the well known doctors it is so dangerous that it may cause kidney failure. Merchants are thinking of their own profit, and do not caring for our health.
    And we, the consumers are in haste always and want the fruit before it naturally ripes. Can we not keep patience? What do you think is the future going towards? Government is encouraging organic farming but due to our demand it's not beneficial for the farmers to grow organic crop. Express your views.
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    Chemical farming is very dangerous. Now a days farmers are using different types of pesticides and insecticides during farm growing. They get deposited on the fruit and sometimes simple wash with water may not help. In our Hyderabad area for grapes they use many chemicals. Many of the residues which are getting deposited on the fruit skin will not go with ordinary water wash. They are very dangerous and create lot of health problems. The grapes should be soaked in salt water for about 2 hours and take out. Wipe with cloth and again wash with ordinary water before we consume.

    Many farmers use carbide for fast ripening. Again it is dangerous. So we should not eat these fruits. The mangos which are ready to be ripped should be kept in dry grass and keep in the room for some days. Then they will ripe properly and taste will be good. These fruits only are to be eaten. As mentioned by Mr.Raheja, we should eat rightly ripped fruit only.

    Organic farming is a very good idea. But yield will be less. But if consumers are not ready to pay that extra money nobody prefer this. We should be ready to pay extra cost for the benefit of our health. Then organic farming will be taken up by many.

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    Only yesterday I was watching a news video where in Hyderabad market was flooded with mangoes this time and there were no tackers. The police has enlarged the vigil on carbide added mangoes to get them ripen immediately which is dangerous. The police has been picketing in mufty at such godowns were usually the raw mangoes would be unloaded in tons and carbide chemical is added and closed the room for one or two days. Then they have yellow mangoes as if they have got ripen through natural process. That is the reason being so, for the first time we are having mangoes at very cheap rates this time. Normally at this peak period mangoes were costing 80 to 60 rupees per kg, this time it is already selling at 40 per kg by now and may come down further. So carbide mangoes are taking position illegally and we do not know how the mangoes are ripen in short period ?
    K Mohan
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    Totally agree with you. The situation mentioned by you is everywhere even in North India. Do you not think that our cheap demands are discouraging farmers to grow organic crops which is resulting as health related problems? Do we need to think on wider perspectives, after all health is wealth?

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    Not only mangoes but chemicals are added to every other fruit to make the fruit ripen faster. Even vegetables are not chemical free. These days nothing comes fresh and natural and chemicals are added to everything. So we should make sure we wash the item properly in water for 3-4 times before consuming it.

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