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    Indian TV serial providing healthy entertainment or making fool

    I remember when Doordarshan was the only channel, there were serial which used to be thought provoking and related to our social life. Decade changes and there are serials which runs everyday even on Sunday now. If you take a look on these serial, all are base on the same topic. A big rich family stories where in the house itself some one will have evil eyes and try to destroy the family peace. A serial showing only marriage celebration for a month and more. In every serial there may be some past stories like past wife or past husband, don't know from where the thought comes to the director.

    Overall, these serials are creating more problem in a house then bringing entertainment. What is the use of these serials? Why not our TV and broadcasting minister look into it seriously? will there be a day when such useless serials will be stopped?
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    Only Yesterday the TDP women leader Nannapeneni Rajkumari was coming down heavily on the quality of the serials of any language which is disturbing the very fabric of united family and living with elders. She gave examples as to how the the tv serials are giving ideas to new daughter in laws to treat bad and behave worst against the mother in law. How to take revenge against the sister in law at the home and how to get the work done from husband with dubious means by black mailing him that she would go away to her mothers house. All these tricks are shown in the daily sitcoms of any language and even the women folks have become fed up with those type of stories. Moreover every serial is having one husband , two affairs and like wise one wife has many affairs which is disgusting.
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    I fully agree with the author that these serials are creating problem at home. Its even spoiling young children minds. They are learning all negative idea's. I don't no when will this stop. I request the PM to get some strict rule against these stupid meaning less stories which give bad message to the world.

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    Yes. Now a days the TV serials are very disturbing, All serials are mainly focused on women audience only. Watching these serials is waste of time only. I never advise any body to watch these serials. Unnecessary disputes between family members, various attempts to spoil each other and all nonsense only. These serials are spoiling families and family relations.

    Serials like Ramayana, Mahabharata were aired and people used to watch. But today's serials are very bad quality. No morals .

    It is better to have a control body for these serials also.

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    Yes all TV serials today are having the similar plot. There is nothing interesting and revolves around family drama were only a woman plays the major role in taking all important decisions and man is there just for name sake. Another trend in daily soaps these days are a girl and a boy get married based on agreement for a certain period and eventually start liking each other. These common plots in every serial helps in guessing what happens next. Instead of watching TV serials, it is better to watch lifestyle channels which actually gives some information.

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