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    Do you have any idea on how to purchase gold or simply go by offers ?Akshaya Thrithiya is coming

    The Akshaya Thrithiya is round the corner and many jewelers are wooing the customers with various offers and discounts. Normally the gold rates are the same which is being flashed every morning in print and electronic media. But the real catch is in the making charges. Some jewelers fool the customers with heavy discount on making charges. Some have inclusion of other items in gold and thus altogether waive the making charges and we think that we have bargained heavily and benefited. How well versed are you in making gold purchases. If yes give tips through this post for our members benefit.
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    Gold is a commodity which has allured the human race since its invention.

    Due to its cosmetic as well as metallic properties it has been a first choice for jewellery. Due to its continuous demand its prices were increasing with time and it was also thought by many as one of the best investment avenue.

    Anyway as regards to the purchasing of gold is considered one has to keep many things in consideration. First of all the purity. The purity should be certified by the dealer either through the reputed brand or by assuring repurchase at same purity. Second aspect is making charges and exchange value. Most of the jewellers charge lot of reduction in assessing the value of old gold jewellery. Here one has to be cautious and bargain for minimum reduction possible. On making charges also there is a scope of reduction.

    Another aspect is the quality of joints in the jewellery. If the joints or thin parts of jewellery are not properly designed and manufactured they may break anytime and one will lose some parts fallen here and there.

    So jewellery purchasing is a cautious act and one should not do it in haste.

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    Umesh by responding with some interesting points you have added information to this thread. If the seller himself guarantees the same value or enhanced value in future, that would be a good buy.
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    According to me I don't believe that akshaya thrithiya is an ideal day for buying gold. Actually these media people are making benefit of it and displaying that it is a ideal day for buying gold by their advertisements. My granny would say that akshaya thrithiya day is very good for all kind of work. Its a very good day to start any work for the first time. During her days also they were following it with great demand but not on only gold. Its recently brought to human minds on that day gold purchase is very. These jewelers shop make lot of benefit of it by hiking the price of gold. So on that day offer good prayer to god and start a good work instead of investing in gold.

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    Akshaya thrithiya is a very auspicious day. What ever works we start on that gives very positive results. But no where it is said that on that day gold is to be purchased. Generally many ladies in villages will have some money kept aside for their expenses. They always feel buying gold and later selling will be a profitable way. These vendors only percolated the concept of must buy gold on this day. So I don't prefer to buy gold on that day. Instead we can perform Lakshmi puja in house and pray for all success,

    Coming to gold purchase, we should not go by offers. We all know that Gold price is same allover the country. If somebody is giving for a low price it is contaminated only. Before you purchase ask for 916K gold and also ask for hall mark. If hall mark is there it indicates the gold is pure. Don't purchase items having lot of stones and other types of materials. Purchase pure gold items only. Take bills and ask for replacement weight to weight in case of any problem. Bargain for making and wastage charges. Generally basing on the item they vary between 8 to 13%

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    Generally jewelers take 15-20 % wastage+ making charges.Suppose someone purchase 10 gm jewelry , he has to pay 10 gm 22 carat gold price+ 15% wastage(1.5gm gold price)+making charge say 800 rupees=28000+4200+800=33000. here wastage +making per tola is Rs5000.
    Some jewelers are offering membership for one year, monthly Rs 1000 to 10,000. The amount accumulated if used to purchased by gold jewelry from his shop. He will not charge wastage and making charge. These schemes are popular in Hyderabad.

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    It is not compulsory to buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya itself. That is definitely a commercial marketing trick. However if you have decided to buy on that day, let us move to other points.

    Select a reputed jewellery only.

    Carry a magnifying glass with you, to clearly see the hallmark markings which should show the jewellery's name/logo, carat properly.
    Have a history of the gold price rate for at least a month with the lowest and highest rate. Compare that rate with the rate on buying date. If it is low or not much high only, you purchase. If the rate is higher than the previous few days, definitely you should bargain for the charges. Never hesitate to bargain and negotiate. If the charges you pay over and above the actual weight of the gold as per carat , is between 8 to 10 percent, then you can go for it. That is a reasonable bargain. Do not buy if the charges are above 15 percent. Consider the offers like gold coin etc. Add that also in your calculation to arrive at buying decision.

    It is better to buy ornaments with very less decorations. More intricate designs and decorations will entail more charges.

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