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    It's time to bid good-bye!

    Every relation has a saturation point. You have remained with me since 2008. You have helped me to learn many new things. You gave me satisfaction. I got a sense of fulfillment when I could finish my creation with your help. Whenever I created, I thanked your silently, with gratitude. Without you, my creations would not be possible. I know this and acknowledge this without any hesitation.

    But since last year, your performance faltered. You could not obey my command. You have become old. Your body doesn't permit you to run along with my thoughts. So, with a heavy heart, I am going to bid you good-bye. I have started searching your alternative.

    My grand old laptop! I have to bid you good-bye very soon.
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    Partha sir, bidding farewell to your laptop is novel. As we read in other thread, nothing is permanent, everything had to be out at one point. Anyhow, your relation with your device / gadget is understood. As per the changed scenario, everything should be updated / changed. The same is with your device now.

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    The author has portrayed his love and care towards his old laptop. And what the reader undestood is. As the saying goes, nothin' last forever. We have had to bit good be with you to our old or useless stuffs no matter how much we get used to it and how much we love that contraption or gadget.
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    And I thought some thing else. Now a days the author has become more novel and jovial in bringing contents with varied variations which forces every one to visit his thread and know the inner meaning. This thread was actually for his laptop and I thought something else. Such kind of confusion in real life also gives some sort of humor and reactions instantly from others. Bidding a farewell to laptop is something everybody wont do. But the author seems to have given respect to the gadget too as it served as the life companion for whole 8 years. In real life too we should express gratitude to those who stood with us. Likewise author expressed his gratitude for the lap top. One thing is sure what ever is seen with the naked eyes are going to be destroyed or out of bounds and same has been proved in this case. So go for the new one and cherish the same dream.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan: You have observed that "Now a days the author has become more novel and jovial in bringing contents with varied variations". But some Members (read Editors) feel that my threads are becoming repititive. So one of my threads in 'Creative Writing' sub-category was deleted on yesterday morning.

    Opinion differs.

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    Please don't compare the deleted thread with this one.

    It differs.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    The title of your thread has confused me and I was thinking of how to prepare my draft to call you back to ISC! When I went through the lines the summary is different and felt a sigh of relief. A well narrated creative write up about your old Laptop and we have to keep aside some sentiments to change with the time. Isn't it?


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    Yes, whatever we may use for our daily routine, some thing like mobile or laptop become so close to us. We spent most of the time with it and thus the emotional affection with the device is natural. I remember, when I had to move to an android mobile from my regular one, I felt so painful. The reason, because with the same normal mobile I worked for 2 continue years, even if it was old and rusty, I loved it. However, change is the nature of our life, we have to move on for betterment. Now, I feel what I can do with android, I could not have done with the same normal mobile phones. Same way, your laptop has done so good to you being with you for so long. Now give it some rest and move on with the new one. I am sure after some time in future, you will be happy with your new device.

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    Mr.Partha, Your thread heading is very interesting. Today as soon as I opened my computer, I have seen your thread and opened it immediately.

    It is very good that you have expressed your gratitude to your Laptop. Lovely. We may be using various gadgets in our life, but some items will have a special attraction to try keeping with us as long as possible.

    I have a 1+ phone and I am using it almost last two years. During my recent trip to Delhi, it has slipped of from my hand and there is a crack on the display. Still I am using the same because I like it. I always had a argument with my sons about it. They want me to change it, I say no.

    always confident

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    I thought we can bid farewell only to human body, but I have now learnt that we can bid farewell and say good bye to any body on this earth. You have learnt the art of putting someone in surprise mode. I like your thread title and the thread summary. Well done Partha.

    Once my boss called me and said,"Sun, Let us wear a funeral uniform today." I wondered and asked him."Why sir, who is dead?'. My boss said," Look at the dead telephone. It is dead for the last three days Let us conduct a funeral service and bury it in the backyard." He indirectly hinted me that his telephone was dead and he wanted me to get it alright." I felt shame and swung into action to get his telephone restored.

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    I had a good laugh after reading this thread of yours Mr. Partha. Honestly, I think you are a valuable contributor in ISC. After seeing the title, I was a bit shocked and I clicked on it to change your mind of bidding goodbye to ISC. But what can one do about a poor condition laptop. You should bid it adieu and get a brand new. If your budget permits then I would suggest ACER laptops. These are good and handy.
    Live life Kingsize!

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