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    Discuss : Whcih is better; to start new session in April or in July?

    It is seen most of the CBSE schools give admission in April they take admission fees and other fees in April. Some schools Start new sessions in July. Both have some advantages and some disadvantages.
    In your opinion which system is better; to start new session in April or to Start new session in July and why?
    Please share your opinion in this thread.
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    India is a hot summer prone country from March ending to June ending. This is the reason why in India schools are closed from Mid April to mid June. This will help the students and teachers to avoid heat waves of summer in South and North India. Every year because of heat waves hundreds of people are facing death in India. But some CBSE schools, Private and Corporate schools to increase their admissions are running schools in hot summer. Today I have seen a news that in Visakhapatnam a CBSE Kendriya school running classes a student died of heat waves in the school itself in the assembly place. Private, Corporate schools and even government schools to increase their admission are not giving summer holidays for teachers and are asking them to campaign door to door like salesman to increase admission into their schools. Neither Central government or State governments are not taking any control measures about the worst sufferers of this mania of school managements i.e. teachers.

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    Starting a new session in April will never suit our environment. April and may are very hot. Going out is very difficult for the students. Starting from Middle June is desirable. Students and teachers need not go out in hot sun. Especially for students it is very difficult. If they get grouped with other students, they like to play and they may not care for the heat. It is very dangerous.

    But this private schools and corporate institutes, want to attract people. So they all start the classes in April itself.

    Many of the SSC students already got admitted to the colleges of their choice. SSC results are not declared. This is all marketing gimmicks and parents in their anxiety of good institution for their children admit their children .

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    #596770 expressed the right views. Schools should be closed for 2 months. Teachers should not be exploited by the school management. Once govt.orders the school closure still some schools remains open.If school is closed still they call the teachers. This practice is not good.
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    I am of the opinion that every school irrespective of following state or central syllabus, they must follow the date and timing of schools so that it should be uniform for all. For example in a house when there is a state syllabus school child and the central syllabus school child are studying, the parents cannot plan the summer vacation properly as both have different dates of school closure, and different dates of school opening. And more over books wont be available if the dates of both sects open at different dates and paying fees is also a problem for the parents in different dates.
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