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    Hurray! I am a Gold Member now.

    Yes. I have achieved it. I am gold member now in this wonderful platform. Its exactly 3 months now to reach this level for me. When I joined this platform, I thought of reaching to a gold member status was like a purchase of 10gm gold to a very common man who earns hardly few rupees to pass on his day.

    But, yes, hard work will always pays and yields the desired and deserved results. Same is happened to me. I may be lull in between but could achieve it as per my target in this platform. When I got a Star of the week award during Feb 2017, I have set my target to reach this goal before April 2017 and I did it.

    This could be done and achieved only because of the cooperation and support extended by our valuable members and the management. Thank you one and all and expecting much more cooperation and support from you all as I would like to put my fingers in maximum sections of the platform.
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    Stupendous achievement - hearty congratulations Geekay! May you continue on your way ahead to the Diamond level with equally large strides. We'll be there to support & cheer you on, every step of the way.
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    Hearty congratulations Mr. GeeKay! Now you have been admitted to the Gold Club of ISC. Be quick and join Diamond Club ASAP.
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    Wow achieving gold position in this site means you have fully understood the working style and are well aware of posting and responding to threads here. Nothing is impossible in this world. Generally members think that even achieving platinum is not possible for them. Now that you have achieved gold. then seek for diamond for which you have to score 10,000 points and there after you have to really pile up contributions to achieve platinum level which is 50,000 points. If you are regular on daily basis and scoring at least 50 to 60 points daily then achieving platinum level is surely possible.
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    Congratulations too GeeKay, it has to happen when you contribute with your passion and hard work. Go for the diamond, my best wishes to you. All the best and good luck.

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    Congratulation.Being a gold member is a great achievement for you.I am also trying for being a gold member.We should give our the best for this platform.
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    Hearty congratulations Mr. GeeKay. You achieved it in a very little time. My appreciations to you. I hope you will keep the good work going and go to higher levels in this platform.
    always confident

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    Thank you very much ME and the valuable members for your best wishes and encouragement.

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    Congratulation for your achievement on ISC. With regular contributions and determination you will be able to achieve platinum level .Your hard work pays and keep going . Wishing you all the best!

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    Congratulations to you on reaching the 'Golden threshold' of ISC. Good going. Hope to see you as a 'Diamond' of ISC very soon! Try to contribute in other sections like Resources, AE and updates also.

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