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    Voters tought a over confident Arvind Kejriwal a bitter lesson to mend ways.

    Congrats to BJP for retaining the Delhi Municipal Corporation once again and thus once again proved that PM Modi charisma can bring votes to the party no matter where ever the elections takes place. BJP scored 183 wards on its own, AAP could get 41 wards, and Congress got 36 wards with others at 10. Arvind Kerjiriwal was very much over confident that his three year rule in Delhi as CM would make his party to win landslide and teach the BJP a lesson. But it happened reverse and now once again Kejriwal raised the EVM bogey. Leaders must have the courage to accept the public verdict and accept the defeat with humiliation.
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    The result was already written it is just had to come physically in front of us. Its a lesson to Kejriwal, I am sure people of Delhi has come to know about the fate of AAP. It is only to see in Delhi state poll that how long AAP can save their respects. As far now, there so much hooting going on for Kejriwal and company. Let us see what kind of reply he has to made to the public of Delhi after this defeat.

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    Voters are shrewd. They know whom to vote and whom not. BJP is making victory everywhere. People are giving positive vote to them. But in Delhi it is a mix of positive and negative vote. Delhi is not happy with its CM.

    Already many AAP leaders are murmuring against CM. So there may be a division in the party. we have to wait and see.

    The top leaders of BJP are doing their best and trying to win the people. Another point is none of them are corrupt. Some good days are coming to india.

    always confident

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    Shame on AAP. Instead of bowing head to the voters verdict, they are still blaming EVM's. That means let him ask few ward members of AAP to resign who are elected by voters.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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