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    Parting with grand children is very difficult for the grand parents.

    One of my relative son is working in US and probably settled there. He promised his wife and children that he would also call them to US when things settled. Now wife and children left for US and the grand parents who had the source of joy and happiness by playing with young kid was suddenly orphaned with no activities at house. Both the grand parents are not living in routine and they are thinking of grand children and simply crying seeing their photos often. Even the dolls which were scattered are not removed and the walls which were defaced was kept for their remembrance. Really grand parents have lost their hope to live.
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    It is true parting with grandchildren is very difficult for grandparents. Unfortunately it has become a common phenomena in India these days. Grandparents prefer staying in their native village. The villages don't have school and college facilities. They were forced to leave to towns/cities. So grand parents are feeling lonely. If the grandchildren are going to out of country it brings lot of grief.

    People we are living in cities at least they have the skype or video calling etc. But villages don't have these facilities.

    Many people, more in villages are having this problem.

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