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    Patanjali product withdrawn from defence canteen(CSD); ISC ians judged the quality well early

    The news report other day said that Patanjali Amla Juice was found failing lab tests and withdrawn or suspended from army canteens. The Hindusthan Times reported " The Canteen Stores Department (CSD), the retailing entity selling consumer goods to the armed forces, has suspended the sale of a batch of Patanjali Ayurveda's Amla juice after it "failed" to clear a laboratory test."

    I can pat on myself because I had sensed and judged the Patanjali Amla juice as below standard and even unusable. I quote below my words from the response no: #586596 in this thread

    QUOTE:"......I had purchased about a dozen of their products. None of them were better than the products I already use. They are not better in quality nor in price. The Amla Juice and certain other products they claimed to be 'natural and pure' were smelling and tasting excessively chemical. had to throw them out after tasting one or two times. I had decided not to go for Patanjali products." Unquote

    I had therein predicted that".. I have an itch that Patanjali products claim may be exposed not long from now.". That came true .
    My similar views were repeated in this thread also

    In another thread much earlier also I had my doubts and hesitations which I concluded saying" How we are to live when we do not know whom to trust and what to believe".

    The question remains.
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    Yes today when I purchased the Shikakai Shampoo and thought that it would be having solid material inside was taken aback when I pressed the entire content spilled over and thus got wasted. Normally the shampoos should be solid so that we can get lots of lather. By having liquid form of shampoo, Patanjali has fooled me and vowed not to purchase any product in future from that group. Even the atta which I used cannot match with the whole grain Annapurna atta. Thus sooner or later many customers would revert back to their original brands if Patanjali does not adhere to quality maintenance..
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    So far I have not used a single products from "Patanjali" even if they blah-blah so much in advertisement, I never believed their words and treated as any other marketing policy. I don't know but I never believed any "kind" of BABA blindly, may be I am more straight for them but never went to their words. Personally, I get very selective brand for me and use it the one which I am using for longer period of time. However, kudos to Venky sir who has time and again provided his opinion through forum thread. It will be really interesting see those reply who are using Patanjali products.

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    Presently we are using some of the Patanjali products. We use their pastes , soaps and other items also. We need not believe anybody blindly, why only BABAs. We need not worry whether X or Y or Z is the manufacturer, But we should have concern for quality of the product. If any product is of inferior quality we need not use that product. I purchased shaving cream from Patanjali, I have not liked it. I stopped further purchasing from Patanjali. But other products we have not encountered any problem. So we are continuing.
    As a professional, I never go by brand or name. I try different products and whatever I find good, I repeat.

    always confident

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    One more information I got from the traders that the margin for the retailer is very less. On an average Patanjali is offering 14 to 15 percent margins on their many products and only 5 percent on Atta which is very less. Normally retailer being the actual financier of any product of any brand wants more margin. When other companies are offering 25 to 30 percent margin, why should a retailer popularize this brand. Probably this might have been the hitch for the products rejected by CSD which wants every company to give at company rates less discounts. So Patanjali may also fail with retailers soon.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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