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    Through powerful Education can we change ourselves, society or the whole world.?

    Yes when we have some good education we get respect in the family, relatives and among the friends too. When we are educated well, the society seek guidance and even suggestions to improve the lives of people through education. Likewise being a educationist, we can also help the whole world through our fine teaching. But why many good educated persons are keeping their education to themselves, not opening up to others not giving any formidable suggestion to government to make improvements. Is that mean they are studying for themselves ?
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    A person makes a family, a family makes a house, many house makes a village, many village makes a city, many city makes a state, many state makes a country and many country create a whole world. If we ourselves started changing one by one, the entire world will change. So, with powerful education we not only can change ourselves and our surrounding but it will affect to the world in positive way.

    We anyway directly or indirectly associated ourselves with this world, with this universe. Every thing is attached to something and this is how this wonderful world has been created. So, what we do or say, it affects to the world if not directly but indirectly.

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    In my eyes education is very important for all of us but education becomes useless when one does not know, how to implement it in the better way and the same becomes harmful when it is misused. So, education with proper good practice matters. Also, we should have good feelings for the task, we have to do unless education does not worth much when it is limited till only a small group.
    Totally agree with Mohan Sir, some don't share their knowledge and they think that only they should have such-such type of knowledge and nobody deserves it. When they are filled with this feeling, they are said to be proud. And proud on self is never good.

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    Education is the most powerful possession the human race ever acquired. It changes the way a person thinks and acts. Without education a person's behavior will be more like an animal as his faculties will be not developed fully.

    Today the human race has achievememts in many areas - democratic societies, economic development, technological advancements, medical sciences etc and behind all this is education.

    People have to contribute for bringing new thoughts and ideas for the betterment of society. It is the educated one who can do miracles for the benefit of people by sharing his useful innovations and inventions with them. It is very true that educated people should come forward and share their expertize with the society rather then sitting in their isolated chambers.

    In olden times the king used to honor the knowledgeable and wise persons and even gave them place and position in his court. King knew that it is the advice of those wise people which will help him in ruling his kingdom.

    There is no doubt that with proper use of education we can make the earth a much much more happier place to live.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Knowledge is power. Many people say this. Knowledge will come from education. You have to utilise the knowledge you acquired through education and see that many knowledgable persons will come up. Whatever skills you have should not die with you. You should pass it on to somebody before you depart from this world. This itself is a good service to society.

    Knowledge is having many unique features. No thief can stole away your knowledge. As you spend it, it will increase, king is king for one country only. But vidyavan(educated person) will be vidyavan everywhere and get respect from all.

    The life style of people over the period of time changed and improved so much. How it happened? Who is responsible for this. Definitely I say educated persons only. There is hell lot of development in communication systems. Who is responsible for this? Again Scientists and engineers. So many new medicines are coming. Average age is increased. Who is responsible? None other than scientists and doctors. All these are nothing but service to society only. So I say many are doing service to nation and getting themselves benefitted also.

    Many good teachers are tuning the students as better citizens. But because of so many political reasons in India expected results are not coming. The reasons are well known. An educated person has no say in implementing the systems. It is the government which decides. Unless otherwise there is a change at the roots, we can't find fault with the trunk.

    always confident

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    Yes,Education is a weapon to change society.You are right in saying a number of good educated people are not taking interest in development of society.They become too selfish.Getting high education make them too self centered.They have n't sharing attitude.They think wealth and power are forever for them.This type of people spend too much on themselves.They are materialistic enough.They have tendencies to accumulate too much wealth.They should take part in policy making and other works of govt.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    If the villagers are also educated, they can demand their rights and cannot be deceived by middleman and thus become beneficiary directly.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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