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    Meeting after meeting-but no eating

    Since yesterday, I have been attending meeting after meeting, within our own Ministry and most of the time, outside the Ministry in other offices. As most of you know, I generally don't want to interact with people, but during the last two days I have been forced to attend the meetings.

    So, I have to shave everyday (horrible!), comb my fast-depleting hair (disgusting!), wear freshly ironed shirts and trousers (extremely uncomfortable!) and attend the meetings. Needless to say, for some meetings I have to prepare a lot, especially when my Office failed to achieve the target or meet the deadline.

    After sacrificing my personal liberty considerably in the aforestated manners, I attend the meetings with only one small expectation, to enjoy some good snacks with coffee. But unfortunately, now, at the very beginning of the financial year, most of the Govt. Offices have not received adequate funds. As a result, there has been drastic cut in the Budget Heads "Office Expenses" (OE) and "Other Administrative Expenses" (OAE). So, there has been drastic cut also in snacks being served during the meetings.

    Disgusted, I myself purchased some good snacks while returning from office. Now I am writing this thread while enjoying these snacks.
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    Wow once again a nice thread from the author for giving the first hand experience being faced by a officer in government office. There are many things to observe here. Why the Ministry engages so many meetings at the eleventh hour without even planning before hand. Why sufficient funds are not allocated for meeting expenses which is must to entertain the guests. Normally every office has the imprest account from which the accountant or the head is authorized to spend for the necessities. After reading this post I felt pity with the author why because even after performance where there is not time for having snack or meal , what is the use of such life. But again it all depends on our own arrangement. Now that you know the government wont provide anything at the meeting, better to have something at the home or on the way, so that at least you will not deceive your hunger for a while.
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    Taking a personal break to grab a snack, sip a cup of coffee and little nap is required. As the saying goes, "We squander health in search of wealth and again we squander wealth in search of health". It usually happens that we don't get a minute to eat. But it happens. If we take an example of those people who are dailx wage earner's, they don't get a minute to rest for lunch.

    This happens occassionly and we should accept it as a challenge.

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    I do not appreciate this thread from a senior Indian government staff who is interested in eating in the meeting through the office funds. Did you ever think about the handsome pay you get to perform your duties sincerely without any anticipation for snacks and tea. I would have been better to remain satisfied or dissatisfied with your office affairs, and not proper to put it in the public about your disgruntlement about snacks and tea. Just look down the people down the line who doesn't get time for their meal break or tea break. If you don't like to shave, you should grow beard. If you don't wish to iron your clothes, buy clothes which need no ironing. Attending a meeting a part of your job. There is nothing to feel or worried about. Ill feeling and reluctancy in attending a office meeting can be described as Kaam-Chor. Hope I am right with my frank opinion on"Meeting and meeting but no eating."
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    Now a days all senior officers in government and private organisation has to spend considerable time in meetings. That is a part of their duty. Basing on the timing of the meeting and duration of the meeting snacks etc., are arranged. In some organisation nothing will be offered. As mentioned by Mr.Sun, we need not worry about attending the meetings. You are mentioning about snacks in the meeting. But many of the IT companies conduct meetings over phone in very odd times basing on the convenience of the client. An employee, after coming back from duty in the evening even before having his tea, has to attend a meeting for an hour or so. The expenses of the phone also will not be reimbursed.
    Some companies schedule a meeting on phone at about 11 Am for an employee who worked in night shift and came back in the morning at 9 AM and he has to attend night duty again at 8 PM. So senior officers should not feel bad for these as the world has become competitive and only performers will survive.
    These are my opinions and I request all not to take it personally.

    always confident

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    The second paragraph got my attention. Wearing freshly ironed shirts and trousers extremely uncomfortable - please tell me this was written in jest. I think every office expects their staff to be presentable, and most of the time this is an unwritten rule.

    Refreshments are generally served when there is a big dignitary on the panel and an impression has to be made, to please and remain in the good books! No one bothers with any of the others, attending meetings, especially if their presence has no impact on the office.

    Anyway, such refreshments are best left on the plate. Imagine the adverse impact all the samosas and the gulab jamuns would have on your health.

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    Partha, I enjoyed this thread, because that reminded me of my career days.
    I have given a few fleeting glimpse about my career contextually in some posts. I had quit my job taking VRS many years before superannuation age. I had also given the reasons for that.. We start our job for a living. However we reach a stage (at least that was the case with me) when we were living for the job.
    So that was when I quit the job. Of course it was sonly because I ensured that I will have some amount for my normal sustenance from then on.

    In my career also I can tell many a story of breakfasts skipped, lunch skipped and to be a helpless witness hot tea or coffee becoming dead cold and ultimately thrown . How many family and social events missed! I can tell instances of catching just four hours of sleep and then preparing to go for the next duty. I had lost count how many nights I would have lost sleep ruminating on targets, deadlines, probable issues and their draft solutions, vision documents etc. etc.
    However the grace was that my wife (and little son too) was most understanding and co-operated and helped me thriving all those situations . That was why I could take a decision to quit when there were prospects of further higher income and higher positions.

    However it is always better to take more load and hard work during the youth days especially during bachelor days and early years after marriage and make position comfortable so that in the latter years one can afford to have some respite .

    Nice way you expressed the inner anguish and helplessness. However be sure that sincere hard work definitely brings some good to us if no now, later.

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    This post was written in a lighter vein. I immensely enjoyed the serious reaction of Members.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Kansabanik, sometimes you float amusing posts and this was in deed in the same line but what I liked was the simplicity and frankness in which the whole satire was delivered.

    In Govt offices or even private enterprises it is customary to have tea and snacks during meetings specially if they are long and covering the usual tea times.

    What I am surprised is even though budget is cut short a simple tea and snacks could be arranged say on contributory or pay yourself later basis instead of suffering with tired minds. I think there is no harm having ordered your cup of tea at tea time and enjoy it during the meeting. Anyway you are spending your money while returning home. Why not spend it at the required time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Mr. Umesh: During the last quarter of the year, there has been mandatory 10% cut on OE and OAE. But now it is the beginning of the new financial year. But the fund under each budgetary Head has not fully reached the Ministries/other offices. So, there is cut in expenditure on meeting.
    For the Members who don't work in Govt. sector: For each meeting, Rs. 80/- are allowed per participant for tea and snacks. For meeting going over 4 hours, provision of lunch @ Rs. 150/- per participant is there.
    Once again, I have enjoyed very serious comments of the Members on this light-hearted thread.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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