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    The pleasure of gifting.

    When we buy something that we are waiting for since a long time we feel happy and relaxed, but when we get same thing as a gift from our dear ones the happiness is boundless and inexpressible and when you gift such a thing to your beloveds the satisfaction and joy that you experience is even great. It makes us feel blissful to see someone being happy because of us. Gifting someone important in our life is one such experience. I experienced it recently and I had the experience of receiving best gift from my friends too. Everyone of us have such experiences but there will some best moment in these experiences. So friends share your best gifting and being gifted experience and don't forget to call that special one who made you feel special with their gifts just to refresh yourself and recharge your relationship.

    Carpe Diem
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    The author has rightly pointed out that gifting is a art and we should not follow the same procedure to every one. We should gift such things at such occasions, so that the receiver must remember us for many years. Some have the habit of gifting cash, or gift cheque which may be forgotten in due course. But gifting with a article or a material is the best way to get remembered. For example when we are attending a House warming ceremony, normally everyone gets confused as to what should be gifted. I prefer to gift two Diyas with five faces so that when ever the person lights the lamp at the God's place he would remember us. Likewise when a birthday for a kid is celebrated, normally the toys are preferred.. But I wish to gift some activity based gifts which would keep the child engaged to play. Such gifts are liked by the children and also their parents.
    K Mohan
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    Gift is something which shows your affection and love towards the receiver. We should never count the gift by its value. Gifts can't be given expecting something in return.

    Kuchela wanted to see Krishna, his boyhood friend. He thought he should take something with him to offer the Lord. But nothing was available but only Flattened rice ,also called beaten rice (Atukulu). He took the same and Krishna has taken a part only and given him lot of riches.

    Gifting somebody is a pleasure. My son wanted a bike for going to college. I was a little hesitant at that time. later after he passed B.Tech, 2nd year I gifted a bike. He was so happy, I never seen him like that before.

    Recently my father celebrated 81st birthday. All his grandchildren put together gathered his photographs at different ages and made a video with that. No idea to anybody else. On his birthday, they made everybody to sit before the Tv and shown the video. The joy of my father knew no bounds. He hugged each one of them and blessed them.

    Receiving a gift or giving a gift definitely bring in lot of joy. Selecting the gift basing on the occasion is an art.

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    When you want to show your love and affection to your youngers or thanks to your friend or relative then gift is the best gesture we have. The value of gift may be less or more but the beautiful feelings behind it are much more important. Of course there are rich people who at times exchange very costly gifts but it does not add value to the gesture of gifting. Many times people appreciate small gifts from friends rather than a costly gift from a shrewd and unfriendly neighbour. In essence gift is not to be measured as per its cost but the warmath and happiness of the person giving it.
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