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    And it seems there is no alterntive to BJP hence forth.

    If you are watching the political scenario of this country closely, in every state to which the elections are being held either for assembly or even for the civic corporations, the BJP seems to be surging ahead with super best performance by beating its own records. The so called Congress party which was once a most formidable party to defeat, has been suffering too much drubbing at the hands of BJP. Thanks to the strategic approach by the party leaders from grass root levels. If this trend goes by next general elections there wont be strong opposition against BJP and thus one more term for PM Modi is guaranteed.
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    The reasons for defeat of big parties like congress and new emerging parties is their strategy of blame game.
    Even after thr people's mandade in favor of BJP they are not ready to accept this and instead of analyising what went wrong? In their speeches they only blame govt and prime minister that too with no proof and points but only personal attacks.
    If they come up with valid reasons and real issues public will definately suppotrft them but their strategies of gaining sympathy from farmers and poor people by providing them subsidies and minority through their seculerism card are old now.
    People are now aware about these fake words and political agenda they want employment not subsidies, they want their talent to be recognised not their cast and relegion and hence want all round development, not the development of particular community.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    A void created in the political sphere is not good for the country. In India, BJP is challenged by regional political parties in different states, e.g., Biju Janta Dal in Orissa, Trinamool Congress in Bengal, RJD-JDU in Bihar, DMK-AIADMK in Tamilnadu etc. However, as on date, there is national party capable of competing with BJP at national level. The present leaders of other parties can't match BJP leaders in terms of popularity, strategy, organising ability, intelligence and oratory. So, at the India level, the supremacy of the party will continue for a considerable time.
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    There is no doubt that BJP has emerged as number one party in the recent elections but ruling a country for a long time depends on various forces internal as well external.

    In the past the political system and the governance were deteriorated to such great extent that their repair will take a long time. In any Govt if corruption from top percolates to bottom it settles there with strong roots and a new Govt has a herculean task of cleansing the system.

    Anyway with honest and strong will at top for eradicating corruption and equally strong will for bringing in the reforms for overall growth of the country, we can hope for a brighter future in the hands of present Govt.

    However the public expectations from a Govt are very high and rival groups take political advantage of those opportunities and leave no stone unturned in toppling a Govt and coming back in power.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Always parties can't win elections by blaming the ruling party. It is for sure, the voters are believing that the present government is doing good. If the opposition goes and blames the government nobody will appreciate and vote for them. As long as the opposition parties use this strategy they will not win. This is the trend of the day.
    BJP is doing good in all the recent elections. It is proved that people are convinced with their strategy. This is because of the hard work and planning of top party leaders. As on today in India, BJP is the only national party.
    The opposition parties has no clue. Now they are blaming electronic voting machines. In such case why BJP has not won in Kashmir. They used same EVMs. BJP has not introduced EVMs. They were used in earlier elections also.

    Opposition parties has to show their plans and agenda to the public and convince them that they can do better. Otherwise they can forget about winning.

    Another important factor is no corruption at higher places in the present government. This is well noted by all. Everybody wants development, not free meal.

    BJP will continue its victorious trend for some more time.

    always confident

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    More than the "Modi waves", it is the personal attack, unwanted criticism and unwanted allegations by the other political party to the BJP is what favoured them more. I don't understand why not other political party lean from their mistakes and start from the basic. And, now I am hearing the news of "Grand Ally" in which all the political party will come together and fight with BJP. As I feel it will make BJP more strength in national level. The other political party should sit down think that the "Nation" is first or defeating the BJP. If they work towards the betterment of the Nation, I am sure people will once again starting to have their faith on them. In current situation the people of India has lost the trust from other party, this is the cruel truth our opposition as early should understand will be better for them.

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    The more the opposition party leaders are criticizing PM Modi, he is getting more popular among people and they are registering their faith through votes.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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