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    Our Birthdays - How do you celebrate birthdays?

    In India everybody celebrate birthdays. However, not everyone can afford the expenses to celebrate birthdays. A daily wage earner, being on hard up and poor people rarely celebrate this special occassion. I have had seen how a well-to-do people organise big party's to celebrate their birthdays.

    In a couple of months time it would be my sister's birthday and I am in two minds whether to ask my builder for some advance to buy her a dress (Gift). I would have done that if Adsense E-check was in my bank. But now, if I do that, I might run short of monies for the month.

    Sometimes, God forgets me. Does He think we humans are as smart as Him to come out of problems? If we were, He would not be God, right?

    Today I'm bit annoyed with God. I can't even give a box of sweets to my little sister because that is what the Father (Priest) gives us each year on our birthdays. I actually find it funny that he treats us special children and mention us in front of everybody. At the end of the mass, he always calls us in hushed tone and gives us the box as if we don't know what is in it. I don't know if he does that to others too.

    I know, I'm a grown up now, and recieving a small box of chocolate is sweet yet embarrassing. May be it is God's blessings. I hope God has plenty of them for us in Heaven.
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    The way you are participating and performing in this site, surely your earnings are going to be formidable with which you can surely purchase a surprise gift for your sister. There is nothing big than purchasing with your own contribution and that gives cent percent satisfaction. Out of pity and affection some people may give gifts and offer largess but they do take double the amount of work from us. Moreover taking favor from others for no return from our side is considered to be one side life. God is great, he will give trying times and if we control ourselves and be courageous, surely he shall come out with varied proposals for our well being..
    K Mohan
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    I have been curtailing myself from putting my thoughts on your posts, in an open forum. I noticed tremendous positivity in your initial posts, but your posts soon turned into a display of nihilism and misery.

    Every one of us faces challenges, some are self-created, and others are due to a twist of fate. Should things that fraught us be made a public display? I am not here to judge or question your actions – these are just my thoughts.

    I just wonder why you would do this. You are a Technology Geek. You can become a 'Blogger' or a CEO or Founder of something big. Think about it – Give your baby a nice name, such as Deo followed by something nice and cryptic, that indicates it 'houses' many opportunities for you and others.

    As for birthdays and sweets and priests, I think any kind gesture should be appreciated. At least the man remembers birthdays and goes through the trouble of getting you sweets. A magnanimous act would be to open the box and share the sweets with those present in the congregation and to get on the podium and make a thank you speech.

    Go meet the priest a week in advance before your next birthday and ask him not to give you that box of chocolates. Ask him to use the money for some other cause. You can stop him - if it so embarrasses you.

    As for your sister - gifts are forgotten, what remains are memories. Build memories instead of focusing on material things. There could be many things that you can do to make her birthday memorable. Things which do not cost much.

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    During my last birthday my family members gave me a greeting card with 10 pages inside with beautiful quotes from various places. They have not purchased it. They made it on their own with available material in the house and it is very nice and I have preserved it. I have felt very happy for the affection they have shown towards me and the time they have taken in making it.

    Similarly you can think something like a good greeting card personally made by you as a gift.

    always confident

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    I don't celebrate my Birthday but yes, distribute Ice cream or sweet to my fellow colleagues who comes to know about my birthday by Skype which we use it for official purpose. I don't shout either that "it is my birthday today, come and wish me". May be people have their own opinion but I would never like to disclose or show on my birthday, its very personal to me. When I was kid, my Mom used to take me to temple, does puja for me and prepared sweet for me that's all I know.

    Coming to your point. A celebration on birthday don't depend on money but emotions. Your love and care for your sister or near dear one is what important most to them. A sister specially will never judge his brother's love for money, I am sure. They are the most precious relationship in our life just care them and it will be enough for their happiness. Further, I won't like to comment on your situation or anything, its all your part of life and you have to face the challenge instead of shouting to the world.

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