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    Future seems to be heavily depended on web literacy rather than routine studies ?

    The people are engrossed in having varied knowledge in computers and with the advancement of technology on daily basis, even the mobile phones are designed to support the computer way and thus even ordinary persons are also forced to take on web knowledge. We should not surprised that in near future there is going to be only web literacy and relevance routine studies would take back seat. Even from primary education the students are taught about the importance of web and thus there is going to be sweeping changes. Any comment ?
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    Computer literacy may become a must. But knowledge in other subjects is also a must. My feeling is writing on a paper or reading a printed book or a paper may get a back seat. Instead of writing your exam on the paper you may face on line exam. But learning fundamentals in all subjects, minimum knowledge in other subjects is a minimum requirement. Black boards may get replaces with computers or smart TVs.
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    Dr Rao the routine studies are irrelevant even in jobs. Most of the interviews are based on our current knowledge and other knowings.
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    The brilliant brians Albert Eienstien rightly said that when Technology surpass humans, then that will be a generation of idiots.

    Web literacy and Computer knowledge is playing significantly these days. From studies to employment it has marked it's importance. Many primary schools are now introducing and expanding knowleges to students in this field.

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    Day by day web literacy is going ahead with great pace and day is not far when it will be everywhere.

    Similar things had happened in past also. Many technologies wiped out old traditional systems of getting things done. When email and SMS were introduced the post office mail and telegrams were forgotten by the people in no time. It is very interesting to observe this transformation.

    In case of expanding web literacy same fate is going to happen. Only difference is that as the present system of education is very vast and is comprised of a number of subjects the web literacy will slowly permeate in this massive academic ocean and the educational system will be modified to that extent. So the existing knowledge bank will remain intact and will be more web friendly and web accessible.

    The enormous technological knowledge in the field of computers, internet, networking etc is already channelized under the various engineering and certificate courses going parallely to the classical academics.

    So web literacy is going to be everywhere but it will have a cohesive life with the existing educational system.

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