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    If your answer is selected as the best answer, some points/ cash credit should be awarded.

    I have seen that if an answer is selected as best answer there is no point or cash credit. I want to suggest that some points or cash credit should be awarded if an answer is selected as the best best answer.
    members please share your opinion what do you thing? Do you support my suggestion?
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    Yes It will be nice if the proposal is considered positively. I second your proposal Mr.Kuwakhedawala. It acts as a motivation for the members. Everybody will try to participate with more interest. Sometimes motivation is very much required.
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    I do not support this, even though it appears to be a sound proposal. If implemented, this feature will be exploited. There have been many instances where members exploited features that existed, which had to, unfortunately, be removed.

    Also, there are no rules for choosing a 'best answer'. Most of the time it depends on the preference and ideologies of the author of the thread. The answers selected as the best, might not necessarily be the best, or precise answers.

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    I strongly do not recommend this proposal. This would lead to misuse of the feature and it would lead to favouritsim and partiality. All the members response willl have genuine answers. Their thinking and language might differ. This need not be awarded with special points or cash credits. Supposing a member responds as beautiful, other member and wonderful, other member as beautiful and wonderful, other member might use extremely beautiful and wonderful. That's all. Should the last member get the credit for his additional words? I agree that ask expert answers should get their dues for their best answer.
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    The selection of some of the "best answer" it self is not genuine and you are talking about CC for the best answer? The best selection of any reply is done by thread author sometime the editors too select the best answer, in these cases, it is our personal thinking which match with the answer get our "best answer" selection. Please note "it is our personal thinking" and not overall majority of thinking. Every people think differently, every people have their own way to provide opinion. In such scenario judging your own thinking is best may not be a genuine judgement. However, I will go with the other members who are against of it.

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    ISC does not want to introduce recommendation system in this site through selecting of a particular answer as the best and seeking additional points and cash credits for that. By the way every posting done in this forum do gets cash credits if the author attempts it first than every one does. And if the author is already having adsense, he is going to be benefited. Therefore awarding additional points and cc for best answered thread may not be feasible. ISC editors do have the right to award enhanced points and cash credits even without selecting as the best answer by the author.

    [Incorrect info that cc is given for the first response or that only the first response gets revenue share. Refer to response #596939 below]

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    "By the way every posting done in this forum do gets cash credits if the author attempts it first than every one does."

    What do you mean by this sentence? Every posting, gets cash credits, if one is the first to respond. Really? That is news to me.

    I think you are misleading members, with senseless statements. Please post responses responsibly.

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    Prima facie it is a logical proposal, but actually it is not. If this system is initiated, much more controversy would be created and Forum section will be a 'fish-market'. No constructive discussion would be feasible because Members like Partha kansabanik will create a hell lot of noise questioning each and every decision. of awarding extra points and cash.
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    I am not misleading any member. What I wrote is the fact. If I am wrong let the editors clarify the concerned member who raised doubts on my submission. In fact every writing made in this site gets revenue.
    K Mohan
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    Since all the members has clarified I don't want to clarify or give suggesstion to this topic.

    The marking of best answer feature should remain in ISC but if it start to reward additional points and Cash credits, most spammers will misuse it and this is highly not recommended.

    @Jauna, the response regarding Revenue shares earning rewards for the first response is absolutely correct as mentioned by Sir Mohan. The devide the revenue shares every month between the top 20 contributors.

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    K Mohan,

    There is a vast difference between cash given for a post and AdSense revenue earned/shared from a post. Your statements are extremely confusing and will surely mislead if not properly explained - as you can see, having read your response, even John is talking some third thing altogether, about the monthly RSB. Please refrain from responding at all if (a) you are not knowledgeable about how things work (b) you are unable to explain things with clarity.

    1. Every post does not get cash and every first response in a thread will not get cc.

    2. The AdSense revenue generated from the forum works in the format of a rotation system. It is not that the very first response alone gets the revenue share. Refer: How AdSense revenue sharing works in the forum

    As for the main topic of this thread - we did discuss this much earlier with the Webmasters when a member had suggested it, but the suggestion was not found acceptable for the same reasons as stated by some of the members in this thread.

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