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    "Stop here, the King wants to walk!"

    "Stop here, the King wants to walk!"

    It is needless to mention about the reference of context and leaving it to the guess of our members about who said it? Where and When? Just try to recollect it and want you all to derive your own logic about the statement.
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    This seems to be an old order to the men carrying the King to stop as the King was tired of sitting in his Panquin for a long time. Many Kings of the past might have wanted to walk and his ministers might have told this to the men carrying the panquin. Why worry about who said it in particular. I would have said it when I was a king of my own kingdom.
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    I don't know who said it and when he said it. But in Hyderabad many times police will say, stop here don't go. CM is going. or Stop here don't go. Governor is going. All the citizens are facing this problem in Hyderabad. Already traffic is increasing too much. Roads are very congested because of non operative metro railway line. Moving on the roads is becoming very very difficult. In addition to all this " Stop here, the king wants to walk" concept. Really disgusting.Yesterday it has taken me 2 hours from Hi tech city to Moulaali in my car.
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    Immediately by reading the title of the thread in the forum head, I have opened it in a separate tab duly thinking that an interesting story to be read. Instead to my surprising, only three lines of write up with two to three questions thrown us. Very good sir and its a novel thought. I have sharpened my brain to write down something but I am not comfortable with the ideas I got. But I would like to present something different now satisfying the title of the thread.

    Recently one of our valuable members shown his frustration, agony (and all the synonyms of its kind) upon the superiors in the line by posting a wide debatable thread 'Make me editor of editors. I want to punish those editors who err'. I could recall now this thread thinking that he wanted to say 'Stop here, the king wants to walk'. The member wanted to control all the editors of the platform like a king.

    Disclaimer: Mr.Mohan, don't think otherwise. Just to create a fun out of the thread, I have used the title of your thread.

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    Very plainly, I do not know if there is any hidden reference to anything happening or happened I ISC.

    I just take it straight and ty to guess or imagine a possible situation.

    In the earlier days when the position and power of King was a hereditary transition from father to son, this situation could have happened. The ruling King would have died. The crown prince then would have been a baby. But tradition and hierarchy compels that the baby prince is crowned as King. That was done. The practical ruling would have been done by the 'Regent' Queen mother.

    In such a situation one day the baby King was being carried o shoulders by the maid in the gardens. The baby King gets restless and wants to get down and walk. So the maid tells the security sepoys or soldiers who accompany them in font and back to stop there and wait keeping watch, because the(baby) King wants to walk.

    ( I am amused by Sun's unique interpretation above)

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    This post reminds me the news video shown on the national media two days back when the convoy of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar was made to pass and the van carrying the Martyrs who have be killed by Naxalites have been made to wait. Later there was a rejoinder from the CM office that he was not aware of the van made to wait for his convoy. But the blunder has been committed. This is the clear case of stopping others for the King to walk. Here the King is the CM of Bihar and he has to pass through no matter who is wailing for the dead body at the cross roads with so many vehicles zooming past.
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    Good interpretations have come in. Sure, no hidden reference is made here and just a casual post to know the different perceptions from our members. I will come out with the reference of context later.

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    Whatever Jagdis will say or point but its look as if it is editors word rather than "king's" word. Definitely, it is hidden meaning to members from editors. Is editor wants to say that they are the "king"? I would never believe anything casual if it comes from Jagdish.

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    My second thought. Generally the Kings or Queens or President or Prime Minister or Ministers don't mingle with the public easily. And if they feel like meeting the public , they might tell their assistant to stop the vehicle, and he wants to meet the public by walking through the streets and interacting with them. This generally happens when the officials want to earn the mercy of the public. This is another interpretation about this thread post from an Editor.
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    How would it be if we get a chance to say this to the galloping time - "Stop where you are, I want to walk instead of running unaware of my destiny, unaware of my aspiration and the reason behind my running." What if we can pause time for a while and walk as we wish and relax. What if we can make time our slave rule our own dream kingdom as kings and queens instead of becoming slaves to time.
    This is what came to mind. Ignore me if i sound silly. Can't help, manufacturing defect of my stupid brain.

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    Normally king will not walk in public as that will be against protocol but yes there are situations when king wants to see what is happening in his kingdom at grass root level so that if there are some problems or dissatisfaction among the public, remedial measures can be taken.

    This will be good gesture on the part of the king to meet public in their areas and find out some facts which otherwise will never reach him. So behind the walk of the king the strategy of 'walk and administer' may be working.

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    Well, I think I should complete my incomplete thread about a reference of context - "Stop here, the King wants to walk!"

    Venkiteswaran sir made it almost nearer to the context. This is taken out from the movie 'The last Emperor' where the new King, a 5 year old boy says these words after being crowned. The picturisation was so fascinating as it reflected how the little lad transformed himself to dictate his terms after becoming a ruler.


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    Thanks to Mr. Jagdish Patro for reminding the fascinating scene of Bernardo Bertolucci's masterpiece.
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    I am agree with K. Mohan Sir.

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    This reminds me of my personal experience when JJ's first term as CM of TN and there was a big stoppage in the roads as soon as she started from home and fortunately(because due to this I could see her personally many time and wondered about her charisma) and unfortunately I am victim many times of the stoppage.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Jagdish,(@597584), I am pleasantly surprised that my guess came closer to the matter in your mind.

    In fact I have not read or heard about the original referred by you. But I was knowing about history as narrated below.

    The last ruler King of erstwhile Travancore Sree Chithira Thirunaal Baala Rama Varma, was crowned King when he was a twelve year old boy. Until he took the reigns independently after becoming major, it was Rani Sethu Lakshmi Bai(maternal aunt ) who ruled as Regent. From this historical fact, I projected and guessed that there could be some possibility of a baby also becoming King in similar circumstances.

    (Note: Travancore with Kochi and Malabar became the modern Kerala. Travancore was following the matriarchal hierarchy where the mantle passes on from maternal uncle to the nephew)

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