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    Ballot papers- no faith, EVM -tampering possible says Opposition. Then what next ?

    Probably the Election Commission must be annoyed over the repeated charges being made by the AAP and Congress parties that there are every chances of tampering with EVM's and thus they have the benefit of doubts. When the ballot papers were in force, lots of mall practices took place and even whole booth was captured at the last 10 minutes of polling. Now leaving these two options is there any other alternative for the EC to consider free and fair polls. How about Aadhar linked voting directly registered with EC portal and that would be perfect with no doubts at all. Any takers ?
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    I am not suggestion of linking everything to AADHAR. Interestingly, if the same party would have won, they would not have said the same. It is becoming habit of those who lost the poll, why not they comment it before voting? What is the use crying after that? It is sign of weakness nothing else.

    There is old saying, "grapes are sour". It is currently fit with these politicians.

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    Ultimately they will come to the main issue. They will be definitely going to blame the voters, the 'mango-people' for voting in a partisan manner, for voting BJP in each and every election. They will do it in near future.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    It is usual in our country to blame the system if we loose. A student who failed says the valuation was not done correctly. A person who was not selected will say the interviewer is biased. The opposition party will say EVM is faulty. They never dig into the reasons for their failure and come up with positive attitude.

    When ballot paper was there, the losing party was telling that rigging took place. Now they are telling EVMs at fault.
    Tomorrow if they design another system that also will be blamed. I suggest on line voting. A software is to be developed for this. In this system they can interlink Adhar card and voter card. Experts may be thinking about this issue also.

    always confident

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