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    Catches wins matches

    I was watching yesterday's IPL match between Kolkata and Pune. The match which was supposed to a fighting match become one sided even the target was 184 to achieve for KKR. No doubt both Gambhir and Utthappa played like king and hit the ball every corner of the stadium. However, there was a crucial catch of Utthappa which was put down by RPS player Unadkad cost the match a lot. Had that catch would have taken, there would have been every chance for RPS to win the match. Saying so I don't mean taking credit away from Utthappa he really played like a champion. But, as in cricket there is old saying catches wins matches, this match was perfectly example of that. More than KKR wining, the RPS has lost the match with their poor showing in the fielding.
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    Yes. It is true. Fielding is very very important in all formats of cricket. Any excess runs given because of poor fielding will make the target higher to them. If any catch is dropped, it is like giving one extra wicket to bating side. The batsman will get a rebirth and definitely his level of confidence will increase and he will go for runs.

    Similarly if a difficult catch is taken by the fielder, it is a gift to the team and the bowler. Their chances of winning will increase. I don't member any example to give but I heard many times commentators saying Catches win matches.

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    I avail this opportunity to remember Late Eknath Solkar of India and Jonty Rhodes of South Africa. Solkar used to field at Forward short leg position during late sixties to mid-seventies without helmet. Due to Solkar's eagle-like fielding, the four spinners of India (Bedi-Chandra-Venkat-Prasanna) were doubly effective. Jonty used to field in run-saving positions (within 30 yards circle). In every ODI, he on an average used to save 20-30 runs and have at least one run out under his belt. South Africa won many matches during the nineties due to the fielding prowess of Jonty Rhodes.

    I don't want to comment on cricket-circus called IPL.

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    By the way the heading was very catchy which brings every one to this post instantly. Coming to the point. Catches are very important in any cricket matches as it has the ability to silence a roaring performer and stall the team surging. But some times the players wont even try for the catch with some sort of left or right side lean jump. And those who are at slips must have the courage to somersault and have the catch. So in this match the RPS performed their poor show on the field and by leaving catches they gifted the match to KKR. But nevertheless the match was treat to the eyes.
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