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    General Tips on How to remove Stains in fabric.

    1.Mud Stains: It can be removed by the water of boiled potatoes or scrape off the dry mud. Then apply a slice of raw potato over the stained area.
    2. Pencil or Carbon Paper Stains: Then if ball point ink marks from clothes, use nail polish remover. or rub the spots with double distilled alcohol and wash with any detergent cake.
    3. Tea Coffee Stains: Fresh tea stains can be removed if sponged with cold water immediately. Old tea stains can be removed by steeping the garment in a hot solution of borax and water. Let the mixture cool then rinse and wash.
    4. Paint Stains: paint stain while still fresh on fine materials should be laid under a blotter and then pressed with a warm iron. stains of enamel paint on your clothes sponge with turpentine before washing.
    Ink Stains: To remove ink stains apply salt on the affected area and wipe it off or to remove ink stains from clothes, keep the affected parts immersed in milk for 2 hours. Then wash with soap and water.
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    Pencil stains and carbon paper strains will go with detergent wash. But before washing completely rub with the detergent on the spot, then wash like any other cloth. This also can be tried.
    Ink stains will go easily if you apply lit bit calcium hydroxide water and rub. I thank the author for the tips.

    always confident

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