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    When Invitation comes from wealthy family does our small gift really matters to them ?

    Normally in our relative or friends there are some wealthy and well do families who do organize functions and throw lavish parties in the name of birthdays or even for some thanks giving ceremonies. Their spending spree right from the invitation card till the end of return gifts shows their meticulous planning and their boasting of wealth. And for normal family person that invitation matters most prestigious and the problems comes as to what must be taken as gift. What ever gift or even flower bouquet wont matter them. In that case what should be our action because they would certainly give us the return gift ?
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    Some wealthy and rich people who invite their function in their invitation cards itself keep words like "Gifts are not accepted. " For such functions there is no need of giving any gifts. Functions of the level of Ministers, Collectors and very high officials there is no need of giving any gifts. One can give gifts if they are very close relatives, friends, neighbors even though they are very rich according to our budget. If you think we cannot come to their status in choosing a gift for them better give an idol of God of good quality.

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    Mr.Mohan, I feel gift is a gift. It depends on our capacity and the relation with others. If a rich relative calls us for a party, when we attend we will take a gift as per our budget and fit into the occassion. I feel we need not give costly gifts which we can not afford even the others are very rich. For all occasions a good flower bouquet will be a nice gift.

    At the same time we need not expect rich gifts when we call rich people for functions in our houses.

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    I know a gift is a gift but we should match our gift with their stature , otherwise we become dwarfed in front of others ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    According to me, invitations given with halfminded will never be served on any occasion. Whether wealthy or middle or poor class the really intended people only invite others without any bias. Those who sees the relationship in real sense only will extend their invitation. Gift etc., are according to our own interest. Monetary offer will never upto their satisfaction. For that we cannot offer our gift to their expectation or capacity. Many people call the relatives and friends through their invitation only for the relationship maintaining purpose.

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