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    Is it better to stand and drink water rather than running after milk .

    There is a saying in Telugu which says always better to stand and drink water instead of running and grabbing milk. It means it is better to be contented with what you have and what you get rather than aiming for more and unnecessarily getting strained and pressurized.

    In a meeting at Venkateswara University, a famous script writer of Telugu cine industry told that now the days are changed. If you stand and don't run you many not get water also. He says
    better run so that if not milk you will get water at least. He meant that due to lot of competition now, accept if you are getting offers right now and complete them on war footing otherwise you may not get any offers.

    I request the valuable comments of members of ISC on this.
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    I remember one quote which was written in a match box which says- "Aim for the star you will land at least in the moon". It is still stuck in my mind. In fact it is so true in these saying. In current situation, you won't get anything if you wait for your turn, you will have to get aggressive to get that. In lighter note, you can't get inside the Mumbai local train if you can't throw itself into it. Everyone is running from morning to night to achieve their goal and if one become even little lazy, he/she may become looser.

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    Yes, now the days have changed. Now we run for milk leaving aside the easily-available water. But there are some unfortunate ones who don't get the milk and also lose water in the process. They are the real losers and they get depressed after losing the mindless race.
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    Yes this is a nice quote in Telugu and we can get lots of inspiration and lesson from this. This quote can also be compared with a Urdu quote " Jitni Chaader, wutniyi Paher Pahlana " That means we have to sleep inside the four sides of bed sheets and cannot do over smart there . Such good quotes are always meant for us to ponder over. Some people are having the habit of going for the progress neglecting the good time already enjoying in the present day. One of my friend who was earning good salary in Hyderabad had the aim to visit US and earn there more than here. But unfortunately the situation has worsened there, and his salary is not that good enough what he dream of. Now he is away from the family and kids, salary is low and this act of foolishness best suits the meaning of this thread.
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