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    Too many accidents occuring

    Too many accidents are occurring these days.These are the results of rash driving and breaking of traffic rules.Traffic rules are not followed by young bikers.The heavy vehicles drivers are always in hurry.Some accidents are caused by their carelessness.So many people are losing their lives due to accidents.To prevent accidents strict rules should be made.Driving Licence should n't be given to teenagers.Encouragement should be given to use of Public Transport instead of Private Transport.What are your opinion in checking to the accidents?
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    Apart from rash driving, I think most motorists and riders have no traffic sense. Anyone who is in control of a vehicle thinks he owns the road. They drive as if they are in their own backyard.

    The problem is we do not have proper driving schools. We get licenses very easily. Driving tests are a farce.

    Our roads are also not equipped to handle the kind of traffic that plies on them. Roads are narrow and congested. There are too many cuttings on the roads, without traffic signals in place - a number of which are unofficial, which cause accidents.

    Then you have jaywalkers, and people jumping across medians. People avoid subways and overhead bridges to cross roads. They prefer to run and dodge the traffic.

    Driving is a nightmare, in my city. I have noticed bus stops located right after a turn, or after a traffic signal. People ride the white lines, they have no concept of lane discipline.

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    Many accidents are taking place. Because of rash driving by the drivers many accidents are occurring. There were accidents reported in long route buses. The private buses start at 8 PM and go round the city to collect people. By the time they come out of city it is 10 PM. Then the drivers start flying the bus. Two or three bus accidents happened last year. in total 100 people died. But what happened to those bus operators. They are still running the buses. Single driver has to drive the bus whole night. But government is not willing to take any action.

    Young children studying SSC or +2, they are not even 18 years, start driving the bikes. How parents are allowing?

    Getting a driving licence is not difficult. Go to an agent, he will arrange for you.

    Many of the drivers don't bother about traffic rules. They drive in the way they wanted. It is not road, it is their practice ground. No hard punishment. Especially in cities this government bus drivers think that they are licenced to kill. They never bother about other vehicles. Really feel like not going out.

    A strict control on all these issues required. Otherwise accidents will happen in the same way .

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    In a recent revelations it is made known that sleep disorder among the drivers are most cause of accidents and if you take the records of accidents, it happened in wee hours , that is early in the mornings. For any person 6 hours sound sleep is must and those who compromise sleep for late night parties, and have booze and prefer to drive long journey during the nights to reach home early in the morning itself often meet with accident and even loose lives. And ignorance of road rules are other reasons. Even if you are perfect in driving with full following of rules, other persons wont follow and hence hit and run cases takes lots of lives on roads. Only few days back there was a bus accident in AP when it fell into a canal cutting the culvert. That has happened early in the morning and many lives lost.
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    Yes madam. It's horrible and nightmare sometimes to drive on the roads nowadays. It is getting uncertain whether we will be back safely to our home. Your suggestion regarding issue of licence is good but who will tie the bell in the neck of cat. The governments are also tied up with certain norms, rules and regulations but these are all to be amended in the interest of the nation.

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    The major reasons for increase in accidents , according to me,are
    1.Increase in number of vehicles in the cities irrelevant to the size of cities and roads
    2.People do not hesitate to buy vehicles though their capacity is less but considering status
    3.Children under age 15 are allowed to drive vehicles with pride, I am seeing in many places small children are dropping their parents and brothers and sisters in two wheeler.
    4.Increased license holders in almost all cities and thereby traffic congestion is created in spite of lack of space in cities.
    5.In spite of severe warnings, many people knowingly driving vehicles in drunken condition.
    6.Joy driving, rash driving are increased in youngsters almost in all places
    I used to tell drivers that If you are local person, you should know the area well and should use the alternative routes to avoid congestion and should drive cautiously as you know the pits and patholes well. If you are new to that area, you should more cautious as you do not know the pits and patholes. However your driving should be cautious and slow.

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    Its absolutely correct that young bikers do not follow the traffic rules.
    In my opinion young biker may be the reason for traffic accidents in cities but they aren't the reason for traffic accidents in hills.
    Poor condition of roads and improper management by traffic control system is the key behind maximum accidents.
    Here in most of the cases accidents occurs due to drunken driving or pathetic condition of roads.
    PWD or CPWD are the useless departments in hills who are busy out making big commission from Road contractor, They have forgotten their ethics and reason innocent people are paying out with their lives.

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