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    What Is the Role of Opposition In Indian Politics?

    In Indian politics, opposition refers to the non-ruling party that standalone has secures atleast 10 Percent of the seats.The ruling party for the session of 2014-2019 is BJP.However,there is no opposition party in this period because not a single party managed to secure 10 percent of the seats.

    They have chalked out a definite framework of action to pursue the programmes and policies for which they stand. However, there are many parties which do not have any coherent programme or policy to fall back upon. Their purpose is simply to aspire to come to power by hook or crook.

    BhartiyaJanata Party(BJP) was the official opposition party for the period of 2009-2014 .Sushma Swaraj was the leader of opposition at that time.In resent time BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi won assembly elections of Utter Pradesh with 312 seats out of 403.However,Samajwadi Party is the opposition party in the state.In 16th LokSabha Elecions no Opposition Party received 10% membership of the house.The Single Largest Opposition Party currently is the Indian National Congress,with 45 Seats.

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    The opposition party is the party which is not in ruling or not a friendly party of ruling party. The role of opposition party is to have a check on the ruling party, if they are doing any anti people activities, going against the constitution, indulging in corruption and other unethical activities. They should prevent ruling party from such kind of activities. They can support the government if the actions are good for development of the country and people friendly.

    But the opposition leaders always busy criticising the ministers and their modus operandi.
    Always aiming at stopping the proceedings of the session. Not allowing the government to perform. I feel it is not at all a correct attitude. Play your role properly and next time you may come to power.

    Either it is government or opposition they should work for the development of the country and well being of human beings.

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    Opposition is not related to politics, it is related to democracy. Without opposition, there is no democracy. It is only autocracy, which is not at all desirable. However, in Indian context, we can notice only destructive opposition. Indian opposition parties oppose for the sake of opposing the ruling party. They oppose the ruling party even on the issues relating to national security. This is an extremely unhealthy trend which alienates such parties from people. Recent elections at various levels bear testimony to this alienation.
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    Without going much into the details, in a simple language, the opposition party are those who always stand against the ruling party. They are never in favor of the ruling party for the things they are doing for the society. They always try to point out the faults and mistakes being done by the ruling party to make them feel guilt and tell people that they are an irresponsible party. They keep blaming the ruling party for some or the other reasons and find ways to insult them in front of the whole society. And all these nuisances done by this opposition are the reason that has led to several unnecessary political fights, and the so-called "Janta" are the ultimate sufferer's.

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    Ramesh Choudhary warm welcome as the new member and please note that we should not share or copy any information from other sites and paste it here. But the title seems to be interesting and hence I am responding here. The Indian democracy has been designed in such a way that every ruling party is always having a formidable oppose from the opposition who are also elected and sent by the voters to have the ruling party on toes. If there is no strong opposition, then the ruling party would indulge in over confidence mode governance not caring to the aspirations of the people. In this regard I congratulate YSR Congress party with a strong opposition in AP has been cornering wrong doings of Chandrababu Naidu government and in fact many things have been achieved with opposition protest at right earnest.
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    Two essential things of democracy are regular and transparent elections and strong opposition. The role of opposition is to analyse every act of the ruling party and warn it and stop it when it is going against the welfare of its citizens. In British parliament there is the tradition of forming 'Shadow cabinet'. That is, for every minster of ruling party there will also be a minister from opposition party. In case if this ruling party lacks majority and is to lose its power this shadow cabinet takes its place in this way the opposition saves the parliament from power vacancy. There is no such provision in India, instead our opposition is the weakest. All that they know is to say NO to everything the ruling party proposes. Opposition is losing it's importance. If we take Andhra Pradesh there is opposition in name but not in reality. The ruling party is successfully trying to wipe out the opposition. This kind of ruling is poisonous to the country. Unfortunately large number of regional parties, favouritism and fanaticism, power politics, and lack of real leaders are killing the world's largest democracy like slow poison. Lack of strong opposition is one of the signs of its decay.
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