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    Thanks to all, today I reached the Platinum Level

    First of all Thanks to all members, Editors and administrative team of IndiaStudyChannel (ISC)
    Today I am very happy to join the Platinum club. I never thought to achieve this target when I was a newbie at IndiaStudyChannel (ISC) but it will be easy due to your Cooperation and Support . I know it is not the last stage of my journey, but no more level to achieve
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    Hearty congratulations, Mr. Mahato! You have reached the top most level silently, steadily and consistently. Great going! Best wishes for the future.
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    Wow Phagu from your profile it states you have joined on 7th Aug 2011, you have submitted 16 resources, 6675 job posts, 1832 forum responses, 106 expert answers, you have submitted 158 college courses and 1749 question papers which were highlights in your journey towards platinum level. Not every one who crossed the diamond level would try for this level which is long and yet achievable for a performer like you. I am overwhelmed to welcome you to this club as hardly few members are there and you have joined as new. Your committement to this site has been immense and your job posting were simply impressive. Bask on glory.
    K Mohan
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    Congratulations Phagu, It was inevitable! The way you are contributing is mind blowing. Keep it up your good work. All the best and good luck to you.

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    Huh.. attaining the maximum of anything is quite appreciable and the feats ought to be covered during the journey of reaching the heights are definitely to be appreciated. Congratulations sir on reaching the new and final level. But the game can be go on. I don't think no end to the maximum. You are the motivating spirit to the members like us. Hope your contributions and encouragements will be on in this platform.

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    Congratulations for joining the Platinum group of ISC family. Indeed, it is a great honour to have such hard working member in the ISC platinum group. Well done. May God bless you, dear friend.
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    Congratulations to you, Mr. Phage. It is pleasure to note that you are now in the platinum club of ISC family. This has become reality because of your commitment towards the channel for you. Very few will be able to reach this stage. I have still a long way to go..

    All the best to you

    always confident

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    Congratulations Phagu, it is your effort and dedication that you are a Platinum member today. Well done.
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    Congratulations, Phagu Mahato, in reaching the Milestone Platinum level. You are in the company of a very few distinguished members of ISC.

    As this is the highest level as of now in SC, we can hope that you maintain this and contribute with the same consistency, if not much better. Best Wishes.

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    Wow mahato sir you have proved that success speak its volume.
    Your hard work have given you the new recognition fame.
    Hope you achievements will be inspiring one for new comers and older one too.
    You really shown the patience at this juncture.
    You proved that Hardwork always wins whatever may be the time frame.

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    Congrats for achieving your goal. This is incridible and something that has to learnt by newbies and ISCians. You have proved that with hardworking and consistency, everything is possible.

    All the success...

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    Hearty congratulations Phagu Mahato on joining the Platinum club! This has become possible due to your consistent performance, particularly in the jobs section, and also due to your right selection of priorities. Keep up the tempo because though you have achieved the highest member level, your effort now should be to maintain the same. All the best!
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    Congratulations Phagu Mahato! Good to see you at the highest membership level. In terms of membership levels, there may not be a next level, but surely you can aim for fresh goals. Keep going & may you achieve further success!
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    Congratulations to Paghu Mahato you are the fluent writer in DNS and as well as here too...
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    Congratulations to Phagu Mahto for your splendid performance almost in all the sections. What impressed me most is your consistent contributions and you maintained regularity in your postings. Your achievements to have achieved the Platinum - level reflect your dedication and involvement for the ISC channel.
    Hope you would sustain your activities and help in achieving a greater height to ISC channel.

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