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    A must watch for every youngster.

    Sapthapadi (1981) directed by Dadasaheb Phalke awardee and one of my favourite directors Sri K. Viswanath sir is a must watch for every man who thinks teasing and harassing girls is their birth right. Heroine, a brahmin girl gets married to her cousin obeying her grandfather's decision and unable to speak out that she is in love with someone else as the one she loves is from a lower caste. But the husband who is brought up by his grandfather as a calm and disciplined boy never touches her. When ever he sees her, he sees the goddess whom he worships and he offers prayer to her on his first night and leaves the room. He couldn't understand the reason behind his own act and when he comes to know that she loves someone else he realises and says "now I understood why you appeared like my goddess to me, it is because you have someone else in your heart and didn't accept me heart fully. I believe that every woman is equal to my mother". He then sends her back to her lover. What we should learn here is if a girl is not willing to accept you, you shouldn't treat her brutally. She is a goddess and you should respect her. This is what exactly our elders taught us through religious texts and moral stories. I am ashamed to say that most of the men in this modern world forgot this and take girls for granted as if they are public properties. The respect that one should have towards a woman is portrayed fantabulaously. If every boy could learn from this awesome movie then there will be no rapes, no harassments on women. And the dialogues that Sri. Somayajulu says at the climax are a lesson. In fact this movie is a great lesson on the institution of marriage.
    I am saying this not just because I am a fan of K. Viswanath garu but because this movie really is a fantastic movie.
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    Yes I too have seen this movie on television and that was award winning performance from every artiste of the film and very good direction by K Vishwanath. Coming to the point a girl must get married only with the full consent. Often elders at the home never verify the choice and aspirations of the girl and they decide the marriage and some times if a girl loves some one and she wont reveal, the rest of the life would be hell for her and the husband as she could not give full love to husband thinking of her lover. It is better the parents ask the daughter before marriage and also it is the duty of daughter to tell everything frankly to parents for her future good. And what I personally feel that a husband should not make advances on the very first day of marriage and try to conquer his wife. He should give her time to settle and understand. That would be wonderful life with full understanding.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Dr. K. Visvanath is a master and all his movies are master pieces only. In all his movies he has a message for the society. He tries , trains ang get what he wants from all the artists.As told by Ms. Aswini no male should take grant of females. But in this particular movie there is no mistake from the male character, but he was made the scapegoat. Why the female character has not opened up before marriage. She should have the courage to open up, when she has courage to love a male. If the hero in the movie also acts as regular male,his life will be horrible and the other side her lover will also suffer. Two will be suffering because of coward act of one lady.

    Here Visvanath is having the nack to elevate the character of the hero. Kudos to him.

    Want I want make a point is in each and every case we need not blame males only. Always it can't be on one side only. Of course, I agree majority of case men are at fault.

    Another point the director made in this movie is love is above all these man made religions and castes. It is something related to heart to heart understanding.

    My full admirations to Kalatapaswi. .

    always confident

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    I am not blaming the male characters in the film. I admire the character of Gourinath in the movie a lot. Men like him are the true heroes. At the same time I don't blame the heroine for not opening up. Even now we are seeing honour killings and the movie was taken in 1981. Do you think girls have a say at that time. We think that now girls are progressive and they open up easily, but only one in a thousand girls will have freedom to express their views. As part of the viva we conduct in our college many girl students said that they want to continue their studies but unfortunately they get married unwillingly and stop their studies. That's a painful thing. So when girls don't have a say at least regarding their education, how can we expect that they will be left to live if they disclose her love stories. My point in creating the thread is not to say anything about love marriages but to say that if we can learn from the character Gourinath as to how to treat girls, there will no cases of eve teasing, rapes and assaults on women. I am not taking about those who suffer because of unwilling arranged marriages. I am talking about those who lost their lives and those who live in fear ever day because of some man's beastly nature. You don't believe but I know a girl who was asked by her cousin (brother) to sleep with him. What kind of a society are we girls living in?! When we don't have security even at home where are we supposed to go? To a men less planet?
    Carpe Diem

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    Did Mr. K Viswanath write this story? The credit goes to the story writer who should be awarded. Viswanath is a talented director who gives life to the story as a film. Let us know who is the story writer of Saptapati(1981). Mr. Viswanath is very selective in directing films. He gives importance to the story. I haven't watched the film. I am curious to watch it now.
    No life without Sun

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    I haven't seen the movie but as author narrated the clear cut story, its really inspiring to have something new.
    Today we cant find people like movie shown but can create awareness among people for the good part of life.
    We must respect ladies at front of life. They are always Goddess for every man in this world.
    They spend their whole life to teach and manage our life forever, while man have no time to give here even the respect she deserve.
    We are living in male dominating society so never even dream of ladies rules at all.
    We will have to give full and overwhelming support to woman at every level.

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    Yes. K. Viswanath is the story writer. Dialogue writer is Mr. Jandhyala subrahmanya sastry.
    Carpe Diem

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