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    Your best childhood memory

    Our childhood days were the best days of our life spent without any stress, tension, depression, frustration, anxiety and what not. It was completely a free life that we all enjoyed with love, laughter, fun and enthusiasm all over. We all wished, that if life had a rewind button, we could have once again enjoyed those lovely days. Unfortunately, it is a sad thing. But, we all have a collection of our childhood memories stored with us which when remembered brings a smile on our face. So which is that best childhood day of your life that you would like to share with everyone here?
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    I am very fond of going out when ever any of our family members goes out. In those days we have to use the local train which was running on steam to reach Secunderabad for any big shopping and I would love to travel in train for just 30 paisa ticket those days. My mother, my sister wont like me to accompany them. But I am very stubborn and wont miss. I shall run away even before they start from the home. reach the station and be ready to board the train. Mind it all this without proper dressing. That means simple banian and half drawer. My elder sister and mother used to get annoyed over my behavior. But they have to agree with me. So they know my naunces and hence they would carry one dress for me always . I shall change the same at the station and proceed with the journey. Such childhood acts cannot be forgotten.
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    There are many incidents in my childhood with interesting as we lived in a joint family of 17 persons. But the educative is one I never forget. It was in 1969. My younger brother(He is my father's brother's son, I wont call him as cousin brother)was asked by my mother to fetch fried gram for chutney for 5 paise from nearby grocery shop. He bought for three paise and bought peppermint for two paise, by believing no body knows. But to his bad time, my chacha, his father, on the way got the packet,doubt on him and enquired in the shop. On reaching home, he slashed him for telling lie in his seven year age. since then , not only he but all brothers of us learned a lesson that not to lie on any occasion.

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    I was in my 4th class. I had three sisters at that time. We were living in a village in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. My grandparents were also living in a village about 30 Km from our Village. One day my grand parents came to our place, stayed for two days and gone back. Along with them they took my 3rd sister also. After two days my grand father send a person to inform that my sister was having fever and see wanted to see my parents. My parents decided to go and wanted my elder sister to stay back in our place. But she refused. So my parents convinced me and left me back. Unfortunately that sister couldn't not recover from fever and after a day she left this world. This incident happened almost 50 years back. Even today I remember the whole incident and I feel sorry always that I couldn't see her.
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    The best childhood memories that we never forget is the ones that occassionaly fly above our head and that so called Helicopter (Chopper). Me and my sister used to be fascinated those and we used to rush on the roads and hilly areas when we were tennage. We put off in hilly region. Some parts of these hills are rather dangerous. Our parents had to scold us now and then but we never understood them back then. That was one of the moments that WE never forget that WEE memories.

    By the way, thanks a ton for giving us this oppurtunity to share our unforgettable past memories which still reminds our childhood days. Inspired by this thread, it reminded me of the quote, "If you carry your childhood with you, you will never become older."

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    When ,I was in Std IV, I was in my village home.Where my maid servant asked a question,You tell me ,What is the time now?You study in a good school,Can you tell me the time without watching the clock?I was amazed ,I could n't tell her the exact time.But she told me the exact time without watching the clock.She scolded and said you are wasting the money of your parents ,You are not studying well.Then she told me about shadow,how she told the time with the help of shadow of high platform of Hanuman ji .Although I had n't studied about shadow on that time.But ,I felt very sorry about my knowledge.My uneducated maid motivated me a lot.From then I became a studious student,I tried to study every topic of course books and side books.
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    There are lot of childhood events of interest. I would like to narrate one such incident. Once, when i was just four, my dad and mom took me to Tiruchendur Temple, the abode of Lord Sri Subramanya Swamy. Suddenly I sighted something from a mobile seller and I wanted it. But the seller vanished. I started crying with my inability to spell the name of the item that I wanted. I kept on crying. My parents got worried. My cry lasted for more than three hours. My dad carried me on his shoulder and took me to the market area. Finally I saw the bamboo man carrying baloons and whistles. My face was brightened and I stopped crying. I said," Athu... athu... athu" My dad understood and took me near the bamboo man. I grasped a whistle and blew it cheerfully. Oh! What a childhood experience.

    I like the saying of John Deo - "If you carry your childhood with you, you will never become older."

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