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    What made Baahubali a pan-India film?

    Today Baahubali 2 movie got released. We have never seen such a pan-India excitement about the release of any film as the film Baahubali got. Generally, our movies are either hero driven or director driven in their respective languages. Normally, Hindi film audience won't bother about Telugu or any other language movies and other regional language audience won't bother about Bollywood movies even if dubbed versions are released in their languages simultaneously. But the Telugu film Baahubali removed that barrier very easily. What made Baahubali a pan-India film? Are the tastes of Indian audience changing? Are they slowly shifting towards content based films from Hero worship films?
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    Unity in diversity is displayed in this accept. Irrespective of caste, creed, language, area, all Indians whether they are in India or abroad, all wanted to watch this movie. Really it is a pan-India movie only. The viewers wanted good content based movies. Earlier days movies are mainly focussing on dialogues and action of the actors. But now a days technical values are taking a lead role. Good music, good Camera, good script and editing etc., are playing a lead role. Bahubali, the beginning has created lot of suspense. Everybody is eager to know why kattappa killed Bahubali. This is the main factor which has created such a big excitement.
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    Well for the first time a South Indian film director created a need to watch his movie made in four languages including Hindi and this National audience easily connected with Baahubali 1 and 2 versions. Like Rabot which was remade in Hindi for North audience, this movie was having a target of International audience as it has much visual effects, sets of Thota Tharani and above all grand music. All went well as the National audience received this film with much enthusiasm and hence for next two weeks the box office is of full collection and with merchandise too the film already grossed 1000 crs.
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