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    Do you feel offended when they tell rules and regulations?

    You go to a Govt office for some work say getting a certificate, verification of a document, apply for some scheme, rectification of some earlier document etc. When you go to the concerned person instead of helping you he starts narrating some rules and regulations under which he shows his helplessness in getting the job done. He does not tell the way it can be done.

    Such occasions are very frustrating and you may feel offended. Do you?
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    Yes and No. I would like to go by the rules and regulations as laid down by the government. It is the duty of the government staff to guide us on the right path as to what should be done to get the work done. If the staff is silent, I would request him to tell me the alternates to get the job done. I am sure, the government staff does the job sincerely expecting us to grease their palms. There are very few government employees who work for the pay they draw. What to do to get the work done without wasting time and energy?
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    At times we might encounter with these kind of situation. Nevertheless, when you have all the right documents and when the Govt. Employee guides you on how to go about it for rectification is actualy time consuming and certainly we might want to freak out or felt frustrated.

    This happens in our everyday life. We have to follow by the rules no matter how unpleasant it may be.

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    Rules and regulations are to be followed without any exemptions. This is always true. We should never try to avoid them also.

    But sometimes what happens is there will be some unintended mistakes will be done either at our end or other end. Definitely there will be a way. We have to follow that.

    I have lost my SSC certificate. Those days Board is giving it in the form a book. I approached the Board. They informed me that first of all I have to lodge a complaint with the police. Then police has to give a certificate saying that they enquired and investigated but couldn't trace the certificate. Then I have to go to our school get the related application form, attach all the required attachments along with the police report. Anyhow I have to pay a challan as fee. After doing all this the Headmaster of the school will forward it to the Board. Board will do the needful and send a duplicate to the school. . I have followed the entire procedure and got my certificate in about six months.
    There is no way except following rules.

    But some of the government officers with some bad intentions will not guide us properly. In those cases definitely we will get offended. But no use, they are the bosses.

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    Dealing with government department needs lots of planning and you must be prepared to approach many times. There is always shirking of responsibility by the government employees. For example if you have the work with one person and he has not come to office for the day, the next subordinate wont know and wont help. Unlike in private companies one has to know the work of other employees too. But in government departments, if one employee is absent even the section in charge does not know what to do. Thus the work gets hampered. Moreover there are so many steps a document or the letter goes through different sections and at each stage the letter or documents are willfully kept on hold to assert their supermacy and in that melee the beneficiary would be made to wait and make rounds at the office. Down with such attitude.
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    I am a person who would like to conform and comply with rules and guidelines. I would be very happy and comfortable if someone who deals that department or who is well versed inthat gives the correct rules and guidliens and guides us. I would also like the same to be applied toa lland complied by all irrespective of any discrimination.

    Rules and regulations make matters standard and uniform for all and has some inbuilt safety and protection against possible misuse.

    However when I get angry is , when the rules and regulations are cited and misinterpreted to avoid duty and responsibility. I had faced many occasions like that. I had got angry and made oral or written complaints and got some matters redressed. But mostly in every office there will be a few who are well versed and sincere and sympathetic and they come to our help.

    Just yesterday only , I got fatigued and 'gave up' literally my communication to UIDAI -the Aadhaar card authority. I communicated them my specific problem by email. But instead of answering my query, they simply gave the stereotype answers of pls see our website ,etc. Again I told them that I had done all that and only as a last resort I am writing to them. But even for that they repeated the stereotype, responsibility shirking answer.
    Then I replied" Sorry, I give up. I know you will not be tired of giving the stock stereotype answer, but I do not have time and patience to hear that". Now I am thinking of writing to PM's office. I am not sure my issue will be solved by them also. I shall write about my grievance issue sometime later in another context.

    The problem is that rules are misinterpreted or implemented only in letter simply not knowing and understanding the spirit behind it.

    Hence, slowly I am compelled to get convinced that rules and regulations are there to harass (and avoid) the honest and law abiding people. Those who are smart simply break rules and enjoy.

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