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    Do you feel offended when they tell rules and regulations?

    You go to a Govt office for some work say getting a certificate, verification of a document, apply for some scheme, rectification of some earlier document etc. When you go to the concerned person instead of helping you he starts narrating some rules and regulations under which he shows his helplessness in getting the job done. He does not tell the way it can be done.

    Such occasions are very frustrating and you may feel offended. Do you?
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    Its good topic initiated by writer.
    Its the often story you can heard from the every second or third person.
    What i have feel that govt Official more often give you explanation about rules and regulation just because of one reason only.
    They actually need money for the work you are looking for.
    If you give them money what they may be they have fixed they do your work at once ,than you will come to know that every rule and regulation have gone into hell.
    I have personally face these kinds of issues many a time.
    I was ready to spend money on paper formality but wasn't ready to pay them kickback.
    Where many times i got friendship with official than they so me where all these collection is distributed with.
    This a big network where every kind of fish is involved.
    Evey is getting big chunk for the same, that why no action have been taken so far.
    Govt is claiming that Income tax department will raid and take out the result but Official are reaping the best from the same decision.
    Whom will you go for help when everyone is sold in this system.
    I have seen many are so corrupt that they are ready to do anything just need price.

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    I found two similar thread and both are posted by Umesh. The link for second similar thread is here .
    Please do needful.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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