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    Unprofessional social media journalism can ruin our society.

    Have many of us who are into social media started considering ourselves as journalists? Nothing wrong, but don't you think we need to be responsible for what we are posting or sharing therein? Don't we need to be sensitive to social issues and think twice before sharing a post or a message? Don't we need to be aware about the impact the sharing of a wrong message can create? Join this discussion and come out with your views.

    It has been a sickening trend in India. There has to be some sense of shame for those who have been indulging in such practices. People fail to understand as to why photos and videos of the victims, injured persons, accidental dead bodies, politician's and any other objectionable items are meant to remain neutral instead of making it viral by sharing those senseless clicks, sending it to your contacts and posting it to social medias Whats App, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter reflects our stupidity.

    In many cases, images or videos circulated are very disturbing and it is indeed a wrong act. The victims and their family deserve privacy and respect and this can be done by abstaining ourselves from clicking while they are in their worst situation.

    What you click, what you post and what you send to your contacts is at your discretion but what you click and what you send must be well scrutinized using your good sense. Please click, post and share for a good cause.
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    I do agree with the author that some people are taking too much liberty through social media and posting objection scenes and make overs much to the annoy of the characters and for no reasons they get blamed and defamed. Moreover without verifying the facts, the Whats app messages go rounds and create a real panic.. For example the new ten rupee coins which is real legal tender has been portrayed in such a way that those who have the coins has to loose the money. The traders, shop owners, petty vendors and even pan wallahs are not accepting the coins. The RBI has to intervene and set right the things.
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    This phenomenon cannot be described as journalism. This is trend always existed, it is just that thanks to technology, the media of sharing incidents have changed. In my language, it is called gossip.

    Sharing of news items that pop up on our social media profiles is akin to gossip. We immediately share the gory details of something we become privy to, exactly the same way gossip mongers behave. We generally do not check the authenticity of the news we hear. We believe whatever the other person tells us and unabashedly go and spread that bit of information around. We are doing the same on social media.

    Fortunately, not everyone follows this trend. I do not, nor do my friends and family.

    People talk about social media and its effect on children. I am concerned about its effect on unintelligent adults. I have seen people fall prey to inane propaganda and false reports. There have been many incidents of false news being shared on ISC forum. People must learn to apply their brains.

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    Really it is very disturbing. Mr. John Deo is very correct. Of course this can't be called as journalism. So many unwanted shares in all social media. Sometimes I don't feel like seeing these shares. Nobody knows whether the news is correct or not. In such case why to share. Unnecessary gossip only. It is very bad habit. We shouldn't post that kind of items or share. News which are authentic only should be shared.

    In face book I read a post stating that UP has abolished reservation for medical post graduate courses. This news I never read in any news paper or TV. I never believed and I never shared it further.

    Really news channels also behavin like that. Important news they give less importance and undue importance will be given to useless news.

    Dr.Abdul kalam ji has written somewhere the difference between our newspapers and foreign newspapers. In that he has mentioned that our newspapers will give importance to negative news whereas other countries papers give more importance to positive news.

    Our people also should change. They should know how to avoid these postings and shares otherwise many has to face unnecessary problems.

    always confident

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    Today the whole generation is busy in forwarding and sharing lot of data and most of it is reckless and foolish sharing. We are even not checking the authenticity of the information and sending it to others because we have some friends whose contact numbers are available to us.

    This type of shameful and irresponsible act comes under the category of unnecessary indulgence and exposes our stupid mind.

    Social media is being abused indiscriminately and people are telling that this is a transparent journalism.

    It is unfortunate that the facility which we have got through advancement of technology is being used for such blind and foolish things rather than creative purposes.

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    @Sir Mohan, I naturally assume that 10 Rupees coin hasn't banned yet. There might be rumours created to befool the innocent citizens. As a resonsible citizen, I would say that this news had been made popular through social medias. And yes, of course, who doesn't have a smartphone with Whats App, and Facebook installed. Everybody has access to this features and apps. Unless, one verify the authencity of the news it is never recommend to forward the message and graphics to our contacts.
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    @Juana Ma'am, I really appreciate your input. However, not everyone can write English (Articles) and such kind of news are written by Journalist and promoting them on social networks and what people do is to sent them to their contacts without any knowing the fact whether it is fake or genuine. The so called gossiping can bring tears and sorrows to the victim's family members because it's inhumanity that will dishearten them.

    @DR. Shrinivasa Rao, I really love reading your views in my thread. Yes, this can't be called a Journalism. But almost all fake and rumours news are written and created by Journalist. I said, "Unprofessional Journalism" and that should be noted. I do agree with you regarding the vague authencity of such news.

    @Umesh, I'd refrain from forwarding these messages and graphics. We must know that these news are fake to get traffics and internet meme's by stupid bloggers to prove their stupidity. We even see deceased and accidental death bodies post and asking us to like and comments or even share.

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    The worry and concern put forth by the thread author has been shared and discussed by others also in this forum in different contexts earlier also.
    However it is not just happening in India. But it is a general trend. As we are in this country and read or se more about happenings in this country we feel that it is happening here only. As in many things, we simply follow or ape.

    As a small relief yesterday I read a report that a news reported saved a child. It was commented as a big qualification that he was in a dilemma as to whether to lose a life time shot of a scene or to save a child's life. It was reported that the news reported threw his camera down and took the injured child to hospital. Such stories will now be declared as big events as people are slowly losing compassion and are more interested in selfies in such scenes.
    Even now we do not know how many scenes are 'created' for photos upload.

    Whenever I am not convinced about the genuineness of a news which comes to my inbox/ WhatsApp, or in some way derogatory or hurting to someone,I simply delete it.

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    You claim that such news is created by journalist – is this your assumption or can you substantiate your claim with some proof?

    Social media provides a lot of power to people and this is misused by idle minds. They create inane bits of sensational stories, which they then circulate. Soon their creations go goes viral.

    Journalism is the fourth pillar of democracy – and the majority of journalists are ethical in their reporting. The fourth estate does a responsible job and I will not credit them for all the fake news doing the rounds, on the social media.

    Also, know that there is an active cyber crime cell whose job it is to find and book perpetrators of such crime, for crimes they are. They might not follow up on all fabricated reports, but they do investigate ones that have serious implications. I have yet to come across reports of the involvement of journalists in the creating and spreading of bizarre news on social media.

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    Dear Venkiteswaran, yes, of course, it's happening in India. The last week, I saw a photo of our politician (not to mention his name in this thread because it might trigger unexpected thing) sitting on the footpath selling vegetables. They wrote something like (JOHN DEO after 2050 on the photo with the original face of the person). With the advanced photos and video editor software, people are utilizing it in wrong way. This can't be considered creativity. We must Craft creativity for a good cause. Even things seen by our eyes can't be genuine. It is wise to ignore such news, photos and videos and refrain from forwarding.
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    Most of the graphics along with contents are found on the internet. The bloggers and news submitted in USEE news claims true. The journalis are responsible for whatever contents they disclose in their website and blog. Yes, it is at their discretion but they should know the privacy and respect that their family and loved ones deserve. Yes, the news and articles may be genuine but what they click and what to share must be well scruntinized using our common sense to avoid dishearting the dear, near or loved ones.

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    Mr. John Deo: You have raised a very relevant topic for discussion. Many Members have expressed erudite opinion on the issue. Let me humbly express my own.
    Have we ever thought why do social media get so much importance? Why intelligent and prudent people believe in the news/rumour spread by the social media? This is simply because the main stream media (MSM) have lost their credibility. MSM obstruct free flow of information. Sometime, MSM entirely block the news/information, sometime they give undue emphasis on a news-item. Let me give some examples.
    Last to last year, in Dadri, a man was killed because he kept beef in his home. No doubt this was a heinous crime, but MSM gave excessive attention on the issue. Tonnes of newsprint were used, thousands of hours of air-time were spent on a single lynching case. On the other hand, there was full-fledged riot by a minority community in Kaliachak P.S. of Malda district, Dhulagarh in Howrah district and Deganga in North 24-Parganas district of West Bengal. The State Govt. behaved in a blatantly partial manner supporting the minorities. In today's West Bengal, permission is denied for Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja by the State Government. The High Court has to intervene for protecting religious right of the majority community. The MSM try to remain silent-they keep mum. They don't report these issues. Thanks to the social media, the matter came to light and even then, only very few channels took up the matters, much later.
    People are now fed up with this blatantly partial way of operation of MSM. So, they are depending more and more on social media. At least, social media don't suppress information.

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    Partha Kansabanik,

    Social Media's are great ways to share one's status, to stay in touch with dear and loved ones, stay connected with to friends and relatives. But that doesn't mean we should click any objectionable items at your discretion and share them without any purpose.

    This kind of objectionable items shared to your contacts are circulated all around the internet and people believe it either it is genuine or fake. Such kind of actions reflects our stupidity.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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