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    A change in my dressing pattern and they started calling me Aunty!

    Why they started calling me aunty instead of the usual didi? I was in a local market last Sunday, where I used to go often.The boy at the counter addressed me as aunty. Previously he used to call me didi. I asked him why he used to address me as didi and now he was addressing me as aunty? He told me that previously I used to go in bright colored synthetic or silk sarees and now I was wearing a cotton sari with wide border and that could be a factor that made him change the way he addressed me. Our choices of appearance and dressing does tell about our ages. Do you agree with this?
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    No problem, Ms. Indu Singh We have to adjust. When two college-going girls called me uncle (say around 5 years ago), I felt very dejected and even couldn't sleep. Now I have adjusted myself with reality. Waiting for the day when young boys and girls would address me as 'Grandfather'.
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    As we grow by, our looks also changes and by dressing pattern we do look old with dull colors, young with bright and attractive designs and thus we should not take seriously if some one calls us aunty or uncle. By the way you must take pride that you have been recognized at least and given the respect as aunty. Yes when we suddenly change our dressing sense, those who are regular and meet us often may watch that change and call us differently. The other day one young boy who have grey hair at young age was called uncle and the boy gets offended every time. If the hair grows hair, it is natural that they think as elders.
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    Dear Didi Indu Singh,
    Frankly writing. Hope you won't mind. By looking at your profile photo, we can say that the boy is correct to address you as Aunty. For a matured person, you could be Didi (Sister), but for any young boy or girl, you are surely an Aunty to feel proud. The synthetic or silk or fancy or cotton materials doesn't matter. Its fitness and the way of wearing it matters lot. The look of the face and the body shape is an important matter to address a person.

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    Basing on the age difference, different people address us differently. Also the way in which you are dressed, how you are behaving will have a say in this.

    Generally cotton sarees with border with design or design are preferred by ladies around 50 years. Cotton print and fancy sarees are preferred by the ladies below 50 years. In our house also my mother, my wife and my sister prefer these cotton sarees. Others prefer cotton print or fancy sarees.
    As you have mentioned because of change in your dressing the boy might have addressed as aunty. next time you try your usual dress code he may call you back as Didi.

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    For middle aged persons sometimes dress makes a difference. A dress similar to college students may help you looking apparently younger while a dress of grandmother style will make you look more than your age and accordingly the people may address you.

    Some people due to their physical appearances look more aged than what actually they are and in such cases dress may not mislead the people in judging the age.

    There are people who look younger than their actual age and these are the ones who have biggest advantage with appropriate dresses to look more younger.

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