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    Are you a performer or Reformer ?

    A performer is one who goes on doing his duty, attend to the tasks, finish the same not expecting any applause or appreciation, and on the other hand a Reformer is someone who wants to change the system, the mind set of the people and through which he gets highlighted for his path breaking attitude. A performer must be ready to accept criticism and even rejection by some. But for a reformer he wont care any rave remarks nor he would abide by the suggestions put forth. So what kind of person you are ?
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    I think most of us including myself are performers as we go on discharging our duties without much bothering that there are many flaws and we have to reform a lot of things.

    Yes there are some people who want to reform and go to any extent to achieve that. These people have leadership qualities also and they convince others that the reforms they want are in favour of all of them.

    Performers are generally remaining inside their own world while reformers feel that whole world is their platform.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Is it that a performer can't be a reformer. A reformer also has to perform. Great people perform to reform the society. Do you agree with me Mr. Mohan. There are many people who are performers as well as reformers. Great people always reform society. But small people can also reform the things and systems within their purview.

    In my office I am a performer as well as a reformer. I do my duty. I finish the task. i accept criticism if it is genuine and I will try to correct my way. If somebody rejects I think why he has rejected and try to correct myself. I always expect appreciation and promotion from my boss by performing well.

    In my office I am a reformer also . I observe the systems. if any change is required I will discuss with people and take their suggestions and change or upgrade the systems. Here also I have to care for the opinion and remarks of other people and change the system in such a way that everybody follows. Otherwise there is no use in changing the system.

    always confident

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    Yes reforms with over whelming consultation and majority acceptance can be implemented and thus becomes a order or rule.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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