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    Why do we give so much importance to the actors?

    During my younger days, my parents tried to make me a 'complete man'. So, even with limited resources, they forced me to attend various short-term courses. Not for job prospect, but for overall development.

    Although I personally notice no such development in me, even then I remember some of the information/knowledge acquired from these courses. I attended a course on film-making while doing Post-Graduation. In that course, I learnt that the main person of a film is the director. He/She controls everything. He/She looks after the minutest details. The directors plans the set, sequence, shooting schedule, actor selection, dress, positioning of camera, editing, site-selection, dress, music, shooting sequence, everthing. Story-writing is another important area. Without a story, nothing materialises in a film. Camera and positioning of camera are very important aspects-so is editing.

    The actors' roles come at the last stage. Very few actors can contribute to the overall quality of the film (example: Soumitra Chattopadhyay, Nana Patekar). They are outstanding actors. They can give something extra beyond the expectations of the director. A good actor is one who can blindly follow the director-no extra contribution is needed.

    Now one or two words on songs. The greatest directors of the world state that most of the time film-songs cause hindrances to the films. These songs ( please note that I am not talking about background music) slow down a film. But in India, film-songs are second most important factor of a film.

    I don't want to prolong my argument. Despite the fact that the actors don't play very important role in a film, why do we give so much importance to them compared to cameraman, eitor and finally director? Why do we think actors are so important?

    These thoughts come to my mind while listening to/reading various news/information of a recently deceased actor of Mumbai film industry. With all due respect to the deceased soul, this 'handsome hero' of yester-years can never be considered as a top-level artist ( purely on his acting prowess) during his best days; even then he is the centre of discussion after his death.
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    It is because actors give life to the movies through their performance. We do not know what goes on behind the scenes. Actors have a crucial role to play. It is through their acting skills that we get engrossed in the character and the storyline.

    If actors were insignificant then directors wouldn't cast specific actors in specific roles. They choose people based on their acting abilities. I would love to see a director make a non-actor or a mediocre actor into a Kangana Ranaut or a Vidya Balan.

    I think each person associated with movie making plays a significant part. It is everybody's effort that results in a movie.

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    A person believes more what they see rather than what they hear. Movie story is written by the story writer. Music given by music director. Songs sung by singers. But a person watching will never see them. They see the actors performing on the screen. So people are so crazy about actors.

    A good movie with all values will also fail if the actors are not able to perform. That is why directors are very particular about selecting suitable actors for all the roles in the movie. Let us imagine Raman Reddy in place of NTR, the comedian as hero in Gundamma katha, a super hit telugu movie. No. Highly ridiculous. So hero is also very important. In fact each and every person who is taking part in a movie making has his due importance.

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    Actor and actress are the face of a movie. We do not know who have contributed how much in the making of a movie but surely know the ultimate effect of their performance as seen by us on the screen.

    Anyway when a person is engrossed in seeing a movie most of the times he or she places himself or herself in the place of the actor or the actress and visualize the scene.

    We always feel that actor should do moralistic things and punish the villain.
    When it happens in the film we are very happy and slowly the actor becomes our imaginative role model.

    So general public only knows the actors and many times go to see a movie if their favorite actor is there.

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    My simple answer to your good question is - We appreciate only the things which are visible to us. We don't look at the background. In a hotel, while we enjoy the food kept in the plates, do we look for the cook who cooked the dish? Of course, we look at the bearer who served it and offer him some tips. Same is the case with the actors who are like visible dishes, and the director and other personalities are like the cooks who made it. Now decide whether the dish is important for you or the cook.
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    When we talk about 'Bicycle Thief', we remember Vittorio De Sica. When we talk about 'Battleship Potemkin', we pay our respect to Eisenstein, the director of the film. Similarly we discuss Kurosawa when we discuss 'Rashomon', Bernardo Bertolucci while we discuss 'The Last Emperor' and Satyajit Ray when we discuss 'Pather Panchali' (Saga of the Road). Do we discuss the contribution of the actors who worked in these masterpieces?

    Shouldn't we, the common people who watch films, understand the basics of making films?

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    Yes we give much importance to actors and actresses because they give full life to the character they play and at one point we also identify with them. For example in a Telugu film Sagara Sangamam, Kamala Hassan acts so innocent and I used to identify with that character in some scenes, especially he was mentioned as one of the lead participants as Bharatha Natyam dancer in a big event at Delhi and the invitation has his grand photo of dancing and that brings instant weep from his face and do every one. Such was the impressive performance of some actors, we always admire and love their acting for ever. Like wise in Mera Naam Joker, Rajkapoor acting as joker has really brought weeping in many faces as he meets challenge after challenge. In one more film Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bhaduri being dumb loose their child because they cannot hear. That was class acting.
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    Mr. Partha,
    Only the art films are recognized for its director. Commercial and Masala films stand with the actors only. Very few film viewers look for the name of the director. When we hear a song, we think about the singer, not the lyricist or the music director. Only the educated lot look for the background, others look for the things visible to them. Actors are more visible as a character in the films. And actors get promoted with titles viz. Super star, ultimate star, people star, No.1 star etc. Whereas the directors remain director only. A Camera man who is good at work remains as camera man only. Hence, actors get importance than the others who worked for the film.

    No actor No film.

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