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    Funny but true: often the bridegroom is left alone during a marriage procession

    Ever wondered why the bridegroom is by himself in a marriage procession? Give your unique thoughts in this thread on the reason for this.

    Have you noticed this?

    The man who is about to get married, the man who has to start his new life is often either left alone or with a small kid during the marriage procession. The entire family gets busy in dancing and enjoying, walking forward, apart from the bridegroom who is seated silently in a car or on a marriage chariot.

    Maybe it is the indication to the man who is going to start his new life that the future of his life has to be tackled alone (without his family) to take care his new life partner.

    What are your thoughts about it?
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    You are correct Mr. Jeets.Here the point is everybody has to notice the bridegroom. If he is also dancing or going along with the group nobody will notice him. So he was made to sit alone in the car. If nobody is dancing the car will go fast and no time was given to others to watch. That is why people will be dancing so that car will go slowly and everybody will notice him. Generally marriages are being performed in bride's place. In that place the bridegroom is a stranger. To get identified by all the people in that place this procession is useful. In some marriages after the marriage both bridegroom and bride will sit in the car and all the relatives walking before the car as procession.
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    The bridegroom is considered the most important person in the marriage procession since it is his marriage. Thus he sort of gets the honour of having an entire vehicle to himself, whether it is a motorized one or one which is harnessed or he may even be seated on a horse. However, it is not entirely correct to say that he will be starting out on dealing with a new aspect of his life solely on his own, tackling all challenges alone. Maybe in a certain sense he is starting his own independent family life and is the main support of his bride. Yet, his family will continue to be his support system too when needed and they will also be responsible for ensuring that his new life partner is well cared for in their midst. In this sense, the people in the procession, who are generally close relatives other than a few friends, are an indicator of that support system - they are there along the way ahead.

    What Dr. Srinivasa said too makes sense - identifying who is the groom can be a puzzle, what with everyone dressed in finery. Besides, even turbans are no longer the sole prerogative of the groom, with all family members too sporting the head gear. So when we see the person on the horse or in the decorated car, we will know it is the groom - provided, of course, the groom himself is not also enjoying himself, dancing along with his family & friends and somebody else is seated in the car!!

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    Good post with humor behind. A bridegroom is not supposed to dance or mingle with others during marriage procession and hence he is seated on a horse or cart to be drawn slowly to the highlight of on lookers. In the happiness of marriage moment the relatives and families dance with ecstasy much to annoy and bridegroom too want to accompany. He too tempted to dance , but society wont allow. Moreover after the marriage the bridegroom would certainly dance to the tune of his newly wedded wife and hence probably given rest and watch the proceedings from a horse back as VIP.
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    A good thread to enjoy. In the marriage procession, the bridegroom is the VIP. He need to be placed on a high pedestal for the public to know who is the BG. Also, the BG cannot mingle with his relatives and friends and dance which will make him tired, and his entire make up would go in vain. Moreover, the BG must be thinking about his would be wife, his first meeting on the first night, arrangement for the comfortable stay of his family and relatives, their food arrangements etc etc. According to me, the BG is the most worried person during a marriage. Hence, he remain isolated, and prefers to be isolated, to have time for thinking about his married life.
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    I think it's logical to do so. I mean it is his day. A day he must celebrate and sit back and relax. Why should he be busy or work? Well can't say the same for others though. But, don't bridegrooms call their friends over though? He can still chill with his friends. Maybe the bridegroom you saw was an introvert. Moreover if he decides to help others in arranging and organizing the wedding, he's bound to be tired and sleepy. And no one wants that (especially the bride) .And with all those heavy jewelry and costume, he'll be sweaty and stink. So it'd be wise to let the bridegroom on his own, to let him prepare himself mentally and physically.
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    In a marriage procession, the groom is the centre of everyone's attention. All the dancing and music is also done for him.(There may be some message in that., which the groom may get later from experience).

    He is left alone with a kid to tell him that his loneliness is soon going to end and that he is getting a good life partner. It is also remind him that all others have their own priorities and it is his lady who is going to be with him always. So he has to give her all love and affection and to reciprocate to her the life partnership she is going to give him.

    Very relevant observation, Jeets.

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