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    One who doesn't owe do assualt and one who does absorbs assualt.

    There are people who get motivated by sheer and selfish desires. Their world just means power, wealth and egotism. They don't think they owe anything to anyone especially to the God and hence they are primarily destination oriented rather than being journey observant. Their never-ending destination goes from one milestone of greed to another of cynicism. They never retract themselves back from assaulting anyone if that means to have some profitable means.
    On the other hand there are some who think that they owe everything to God. They are considerate enough to contemplate how their journeys have formed till now and always notice the blessings bestowed by the God during the time. Hence whatever they receive even a painful thing, they take it as a part of their life. Even the world assualts them, they never have a feeling of revenge or hatred all the same. They try to notice the good things in assaulter as they think that God has done the same for latter and in this way they take all the assault sometimes to the abject misery.
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    There are people who think they are great when succeed in their pursuit and get appreciated by the other people. They never think of God at those times. It is my greatness.

    The same people they start thinking of God and they say that God has not helped us and he made us to lose. This is the blame.

    But really a man should think that today whatever we are is because of God only. We should see positives in all the issue and thank the God for that. We should think that we deserve severe punishment. But as God helped us we are left with a small punishment. That gives a lot of happiness and peace to our life.

    always confident

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    By the assault is the way of disobeying against other person and portraying a dissent note so that in future the opposite person should tread caution and approach. If you notice the way the Police discharge their duties you will be baffled. For example when they catch a person who committed crime, first they abuse him with words and beat black and blue not even giving chance to say his words of defense. Then after the police gets tired, they offer him tea and even lunch and then start the investigation once again. By this time the accused becomes more terrified and having taken so many beatings from police, he would try to be positive and saying truth. Then the police would repent that they should not have beaten him. This is what happens in real life too. We stoop on those who are weak and think that we are superior.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hmm, isn't surviving the main plot of life? Death is the only uncertain thing in life, rest all is in your hands and in yours alone. "Stand up and walk. Move forward. You have two beautiful legs,don't you? You don't need to rely on anything".
    On one hand I think like this, on the other hand- why do we behave nicely to people? To get their acceptance. To gain their trust. To near them. To exploit them!
    Wow! isn't that selfish now? There is nothing called as "selfless" in this world. There is always an exchange of energy and matter. Some are behind money, some behind fame, some behind people and that's all.
    And to be honest, being selfish isn't bad at all.
    What you are now, is a result of your past actions. What you will be in the future, will be decided by your present actions. You are the one to blame for your successes and failures. You are the one that absorbs and abuses.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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