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    I am in a dilemma to make a single choice

    two options but i have to make one choice
    how would you like to die
    1.all of a sudden on the spot
    2.take sufficient time to say good bye
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    What I feel that one should die suddenly without even having a iota of impending danger to self or the family. We have lived a life with so much challenge and tricky situations and some times had fun too. Life should not be prolonging with illness and giving untold misery to others. Those who admire us very much must feel the pinch of our missing for ever. I have been praying the God daily. Death is obvious for every one and me too. But that should be sudden and without any pre-plan. And those who die suddenly would be remembered and cherished by many who closely moved with him or her.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    One should have ensured completion of all his life commitments prior to death. It is better to die without lying on the bed for long or meeting with an accident and get killed on the spot. It is better to have a simple cardiac arrest and leave the world while at sleep. Death should be without any pain or suffering. The best death is to die while on sleep. But try to live as long as possible without paying to doctors or taking loan for survival.
    No life without Sun

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    The irony is that we mortals do not have much choice in this regard. We can just wish and pray.
    Anyone will wish to have a painless sudden death. They would rather have it after all their other wishes fulfilled.
    Our religious texts and legends have examples of a five year old boy (Dhruva)getting Moksha, and a ninety year old man(Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri) praying in front of the deity and seeking why he was not given liberation even after so many years of human suffering. At that very instant when he prostrated before the deity he attained Moksha.
    Birth and death are still hidden to humans. Once these two are revealed to humans, he will throw the belief of God and will consider himself as God.
    However our wisdom texts teach us to do good, think good, speak good and to immerse in good activities of helping others and be god to all and do our duty always without thinking of rewards.

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    Shraddha, why do you want to make a choice? Death is not something which you get to buy in a super market. Believe in life and live it to its full; death will call upon you as has been destined!

    I totally agree with Venkiteswaran sir that the mode of death ( and death itself) is actually something beyond our choice. It is true that no one would want to keep waiting for death and would prefer a sudden death but then it is the unpredictability of the phenomenon that keeps us guessing and makes us believe in a supernatural power. I have heard people say that they are not afraid of death because it has to happen one day or the other since it is a part (though as a climax) of our life but we are all anxious about how death will fall on us. It is basically that anxiety and consciousness that forces us (in a way) to follow the teachings of our scriptures and live life in a better way. We need to love our life to enjoy it and to be in rhythm with the nature that includes everything, living and non-living!

    (Shraddha, please read the posting guidelines so that you come up with threads that are better written).

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    Neither of them. I don't want to leave until I gave people something to remember about me. A legacy. It's just way too frightening to imagine that you will be forgotten forever. Well when you lead a long life you probably will leave a legacy anyway. That's the reason why I hate accidents. Accidents kill you along with your dreams.
    And the chronic diseases! I just hope I never contract them. They will suck out the essence of life and constantly remind you of death.

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    Our death is decided the day we have born. It is destiny. We have no choice. Only we can make a pray to God to award us a cool and soft death.

    But if I have a choice I prefer a easy death without any problem. I have seen many people who suffered a lot on the bed for a long time. It is really horrible. They can't talk. They can't get up. If they have good daughters or sons, they do the service. Otherwise nobody will care for them. Really a very bad situation. They suffer and others also suffer.

    My grandfather(Mother's father) in his 81st year, just got a fever and with in three days he reached heaven. Very easy death. No suffering. He never used the services of others. He is very lucky. I also wish such a death only for me also.

    always confident

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