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(This thread is the Winner of the TOW for the week 23rd April - 29th April'17)
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    The keyboard of life - which are your key moments?

    Working at your desktop or at your laptop or on your cell phone, have you ever wondered about all those keys on the keyboard vis-a-vis life? Have you seen any analogy between the keys and your experiences, perhaps your feelings or emotions?

    For example:
    The arrow keys - these are directional keys, helping you move up, down or side ways on a page. We have these literally on sign boards to indicate where we need to go. Figuratively, in life we take certain directions. We move upwards when, say, we get a promotion. We move downwards when we face a setback and need to start again. We may take a side step to think over things before dealing with something.

    The backspace key - we hit this to erase what we just typed, perhaps because we found a spelling error or we wish to rephrase the word or maybe the entire sentence. In life, we cannot erase something we did. Maybe, though, we can use a backspace key in our memories to remove negative thoughts and perhaps even bad memories, wanting to retain only the good ones.

    The asterisk symbol - while in writing it is used as a footnote reference or to indicate an omission, some people also use it as a symbol to mark a point. I like its design as it resembles a star and I love stars. So one can mentally think of an asterisk when there is a special moment in one's life and isn't it nice to have many such asterisks popping up in our brain every now and then?! It also reminds me of Asterix, one of my favourite comics!

    So is there a key on the keyboard about which you could draw an analogy to actual life? Share your unique thoughts in this thread.
    (To avoid an over lengthy thread, please submit up to maximum three keys only, either in one single response or in three separate responses. You can, of course, also give your views on what others submit.)
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    Of all the keys, I like the combined use of the keys Alt - 1 - 5 from the number board which when pressed gives me the ¤ (The figure of the universal Sun) which is also my name. No life without Sun.

    Further, the most loved key is the Delete key which helps me to delete the past and insert/add the present. The Enter Key is the most important key without which I cannot operate the computer successfully. Entry into anything is very important to see and perform well.

    No life without Sun

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    Of all the keys the most I liked was the Caps key. This is the key we are supposed to use after every full stop and for beginning to name a person or thing to highlight. So I compare the cap key with our inner memory built in our mind. We often retrieve to say many things now and then. Just imaging without caps key, the presentation and writing would be incomplete and even look awkward. For example if my name is written as K Mohan would look nice and presentable where as if it is written k mohan, it looks odd and not as per the English writing ways. So capital keys are important and I like it.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan,
    Sorry to say that there is no key known as 'Caps Key'. It is known as Shift Key. to get into the upper case to type in capital letters. Yes, that key is very important to write correct English as per rules. There is a key called Caps lock which we do not use at ISC as using all capital letters amounts to shouting at someone.

    No life without Sun

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    A good comparison and nice theory given by Ms. Vandana. The key board keys are fully at your disposal. You can press any way you want. But unfortunately in life we can't press all keys as we want. We can try but finally it comes to destiny.
    I like Key on which F5 is shown. When we start a power point presentation to make it full screen we use it. Simply by pressing this key, we expand the matter to full screen. Like this if we have F5 key in our life it is very easy to grow big. Probably Our luck may be F5 key. I don't know.

    always confident

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    Sun I always have the habit of explaining things in simplest and yet understandable format and that way I wont use regular words to mention and that does not mean I am unaware of things.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very amusing but creative thread. Analogy of keys with some feature in life.

    Yes, I like the 'space' key. I believe in having a space myself as well as creating a space for others.

    I also like 'ctrl' key it reminds me of various controls and discipline required for an orderly life.

    And finally I like 't' key which says - now have a break, it is tea time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Of all the keys ,I like the alphabet keys.Which are the source of writing.These help us to reprint our thoughts on desired pages of our electronic book.By these ,I connect with our friends.These fill color in our lives.These are the instruments of poets,writers and story writers.They write about all ,they think by the help of these keys.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    No life without Sun

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